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Value of Truck Accident Cases (February 2020 Update)

Our lawyers handles a lot of truck accident cases and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to calculate the settlement value of these cases.  You get the benefit of that experience and research on this page. 

How Much Is My Truck Accident Claim Worth?

If you have been in a truck accident or have lost a loved one, it is a fair question to ask what the value of your case is.  That is what the civil justice system is about: money compensation for the harm caused.  Below is information, with caveats, that will help you better understand the range of value of your serious injury and wrongful death truck accident claim. 


Let's start with statistics. The average jury verdict in truck crash injury cases is a half a million dollars. 

These statistics show a lot of severe injury and death cases. Approximately 3% of verdicts in truck accident injury and death cases were over $5 million which drives the average.  The median award for these claims is only $90,000.

These statistics are simultaneously fascinating and useless.  It is good to know average settlement and verdict statistics because it gives you an idea of how these cases might resolve.  But each case is so very different.  

There is another resource to assist you in understanding the value of your truck collision injury claim: sample verdicts and settlements in Maryland.  This gives you a chance to try to find similar cases to gauge the value of your claim.  

How did we compile our verdicts? A bunch of places.  Miller & Zois cases are included in our verdicts; although, many of them are subject to confidentiality, particularly in recent years.  These cases also come from verdict and settlement reports and cases handled by our friends and colleagues. 

Please remember that even if your case sounds similar, take the lessons you learn with a grain of salt. The trial or settlement value of one claim cannot accurately predict the value of another. Still, these verdicts and settlements can be helpful in putting the potential value of your case in context. 

Virginia and Maryland Truck Accident Verdicts and Settlements
  • 2019: Virginia: $1 Million Settlement: Our clients' 79-year-old mother is passenger driving with her sister heading to a wedding on a highway in Roanoke, Virginia. Her vehicle is struck by the truck behind them. She suffers a T2 vertebra fracture and dies the next day.   Miller & Zois represented the victim's five children.
  • 2018: Maryland:  $1 Million Settlement:  A four-year-old boy is riding his bike in an alley in Dundalk.  A tow truck driver parked his vehicle in that same alley and exits the vehicle.  As he gets back in this truck, the boy starts riding down the alley.  As he exits, he hits the boys handlebars causing him to lose his balance and fall under the back tires of the truck.  He is killed instantly.  The trucking company argued the accident was the boy's fault but paid the entire $1 million policy after eight months of litigation. Miller & Zois represented the family of the boy.   
  • 2016: Maryland: $1.55 Million Settlement: A young man runs out of gas on the side of the road.  A friend comes to give him a can of gasoline. A truck driver who simply was not paying attention goes off the roadway and kills him. The defendant offered $725,000 at a pretrial mediation, forcing a lawsuit.  Miller & Zois represented this young man's family. 
  • 2016:  Maryland: $1,500,000 Settlement.  A young man has car trouble and goes to the side of the road to make repairs.  A tractor-trailer veers off the road and kills.him.  Miller & Zois represented the victim's mother.
  • 2016: Maryland: $1,000,000 Settlement: A 52-year-old man is killed after getting hit by a tractor-trailer who ran a stop sign.  No offer was made on the case so we filed a lawsuit in Worcester County.  The case settled before the pretrial conference. Miller & Zois represented the victim's family in the claim. 
  • 2014:  Maryland: $1,030,000 Verdict: A man and his wife are driving down a two-lane roadway when a tractor-trailer approaches from the opposite direction. The truck is hauling a flatbed trailer with a piece of farming equipment on the bed. The equipment is wider than the trailer, and when the vehicles pass one another, the farm equipment slices into the side of the man’s car. A piece of glass injures the driver’s eye, requiring removal of his eye. Both the man and his wife suffer trauma to the lower body as well, including broken bones. The occupants sue the owner of the farming equipment and driver of the truck, claiming that they were negligent in failing to place “wide load” signs on the truck. The jury agrees and awards the occupants of the car $1,030,000.
  • 2014, Maryland: $743,000 Verdict: A 26-year-old woman is a passenger in a vehicle stopped at an intersection. She briefly unbuckles her seatbelt to reach for her wallet in the back seat. At that moment, a concrete truck rear-ended her vehicle, causing her to launch forward into the dashboard and windshield. The truck was estimated to weigh 22 tons. The woman is transported to the hospital via ambulance, where she finds out that she has herniated discs and tears of the vertebrae. She sues, claiming that the truck was traveling too fast to stop in time for the intersection. The judge ruled that the defendant was liable for the accident, leaving the issue of damages to the jury. They eventually awarded the woman $743,000. 
  • 2013, Maryland: $5,000,000 Settlement: While driving down an interstate highway, a tractor-trailer is approaching in the opposite lane of travel. The man driving the tractor-trailer has been driving for 11 hours straight. He loses control of the truck, causing it to come across the center line of traffic, striking a vehicle and causing it to roll down an embankment. The driver of the other vehicle is fatally injured. After the accident, the family of the man who was killed sues the truck driver along with the company that employed him. They allege serious safety violations including the fact that the truck driver had been on the road for 11 hours. Far too often, these companies will let truckers continue to drive much longer than they should, or the law allows. Before trial, the trucking company agrees to pay a $5,000,000 to the plaintiffs.  
  • 2013, Maryland: $1,030,000 Verdict: A man and his wife were driving on a local highway at sunset when they approached a flatbed tractor-trailer hauling a piece of farming equipment. The couple attempted to pass the truck, but due to the sun glare and the truck's headlights, they were not able to see the equipment. As they attempted to pass, the truck the equipment overrode the car and crashed through the windshield. A piece of glass flew into the driver's eye causing injuries so severe he lost it. His wife suffered a hip fracture that left her with a limp and required permanent mobility with a cane. They sued the truck driver and the owner of the equipment for negligence. Plaintiffs claimed. Defendants failed to indicate the equipment extended over the oncoming line. Defendants argued there was no road shoulder, making it impossible to avoid overextending. The matter continued to trial where the Plaintiffs were awarded a $1,030,000 verdict.
  • 2012: $1,000,000 Settlement. A 17-year-old mother is walking with her infant son in a stroller. A truck overshot its U-turn and killed her. Remarkably and thankfully, the child was not touched. There was no offer until Miller & Zois filed suit. 
  • 2012, Maryland: $2,884,500 Verdict. A man doing construction is killed when a dump truck leaves the truck in neutral.  He is dragged 100 feet, causing his death.  The trucking company claims the man was contributorily negligent and that there was no reasonable expectation that the injured would be in the way. A Rockville jury disagreed, ordering the Berkeley International insured truck driver to pay nearly $2.9 million.
  • 2011: $1.05 Million Verdict. Plaintiff, an incredibly sweet woman, and her son were hit in Baltimore City by an Eastern Petroleum truck. It was a red light/green light case without any camera to break the tie.  The child was unharmed but the Plaintiff broke her leg.  The trucking company treated the case like it was a joke, refusing to make any settlement offer until a measly $25,000 on the eve of trial.  Miller & Zois represented this wonderful woman. 

We think looking at example settlements and verdicts is useful for lawyers and victims as a tool to piece together the possible value of their claim. But keep in mind that no two cases are the same and the results of one case do not foretell the results of another.

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