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This area of our website is to assist counsel in the handling of every aspect of a tort case from beginning to end by providing many real life samples of pleadings, discovery, motions and other weapons in our arsenal to maximize the value of our clients personal injury claims.

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The majority of the cases that we handle are in Maryland although some of these samples are from catastrophic injury cases we have handled in other states. Most of the arguments are valid in the vast majority of states because they cite law that is common to most if not all jurisdictions. Still, you want to be careful about cutting and pasting any of these arguments without making sure the law is still current (we mostly note where the law has changed) or in states where the rules might be different.

This is area of our site is for attorneys handling injury claims. If you are an injury victim, looking for information as to what to expect in terms how how the cases proceed or the value of your claim, this is a better place to visit.

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This Help Center is a resource for lawyers around the country representing injury victims.

You will find here includes such practical things as pleadings, discovery, motions, jury instructions and how they are used, and sample motions in limine to provide the tools to keep out inadmissible evidence.

The first provides templates you may find useful when preparing for trial, such as opening statements, direct and cross examinations, voir dire, and other tools.

For counsel in Maryland, we also provide detailed analysis of the pros and cons of filing cases in specific venues by providing a review of specific counties

The response to the Help Center has been overwhelming. . It is has also now in 2013 spawned lots of copycat sites. Which we think is a good thing. The more information the better.

One question we always seem to get is why do we offer our "intellectual property" at great time and expense to assist other malpractice and accident lawyers? There are two answers. First, our lawyers are dedicated to continuing to educate other lawyers. Miller & Zois are committed to giving back to the legal community. The second? We are looking for referrals in serious injury cases.

If you need help, call Ron Miller at 800-553-8082. He will be glad to talk to you.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Help Center: Examples of everything a personal injury lawyer might need to prepare a personal injury case from initial client intake up to appeal of the case after a verdict. Includes sample depositions, interrogatories and other written discovery, trial transcripts, information on experts and mediators and much more.

  • Cases: Analysis of the personal injury cases every Maryland lawyer needs to know.
  • Maryland Specific: Tips, samples and information that deals with issues specific to Maryland trial lawyers.
  • Forms and Letter: Get sample forms and correspondence for attorneys handling these cases.
  • Pre-trial: Example documents of ducks that need to be in a row before filing suit. Includes sample demand letters, expert information, and sample lawsuits, interrogatories and requests for production to get file your case in the event a settlement cannot be reached (or to show the adjuster you are ready to move forward if settlement cannot be achieved on your terms).
  • Maryland Rules: Key Maryland rules and how they are interpreted.
  • Statutes: Personal injury related statutes you need to know.
  • Trial: Get ready for trial with sample opening statements, closing statements and witness testimony. Learn how to get what you need to get to a jury into evidence at trial.

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  • The entire team from the intake Samantha to the lawyer himself (Ron Miller) has been really approachable. Suzette Allen, Google User ★★★★★
  • The case settled and I got a lot more money than I expected. Ron even fought to reduce how much I owed in medical bills so I could get an even larger settlement. Nchedo Idahosa ★★★★★

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