Mediators and Arbitrators in Maryland Personal Injury Cases

Please note the following about this list of arbitrators and mediators in Maryland:

maryland mediators

  1. The purpose of this list is to share our own internal list at Miller & Zois of mediators and arbitrators in Maryland who our lawyers believe mediate and/or arbitrate personal injury cases. I’m sure we have left a number of mediators/arbitrators we have used off the list. Our firm is not suggesting any of these individuals. Some of these people we trust to regularly arbitrate or mediate cases for our clients. There are also some individuals on this list that we do not recommend. Others, we do not know enough about to offer an opinion.
  2. There is no criteria to be on this list. If you are a mediator or arbitrator in Maryland and you want to be added (or removed) from this list, email with the subject heading “Maryland Arbitrator/Mediator.” We would only ask that you not request to be added to the list if you have not mediated or arbitrated any personal injury cases in Maryland in the last few years.
  3. Many of these mediator/arbitrators are former judges. They have not been identified as such for fear that we did not properly designate a retired judge.
  • Paul Alpert
  • Edward Angeletti
  • Rignal Baldwin, Jr.
  • Jon Brassel
  • Norris Byrnes
  • Hillary Caplan
  • Joseph Casula
  • Harlowe Case
  • Howard Chasanow
  • Alan Cohen
  • Ted Cornblatt
  • Frank Daily
  • Paul Dorf
  • Chris Dunn
  • Paul Etheridge
  • Alan Feld
  • Vincent Femia
  • Winn Fridell
  • Kathleen O’Ferrall Friedman
  • Clifton Gordy
  • Charles Gormley
  • Jeff Harding
  • Bill Hewitt
  • Eddie Horowitz
  • Barbara Kerr Howe
  • Joseph H.H. Kaplan
  • John Kelly
  • Stephen Marcus
  • Graydon McKee, III
  • Howard Metz
  • Mark Moskowitz
  • Lucinda Motsko
  • Daniel Moylan
  • John Noble
  • Jack Quinn
  • Steven I. Platt
  • Debbie Potter
  • John Price, Jr.
  • Irma Raker
  • Richard Rombro
  • Stephen Rosenbaum
  • John Sandbower
  • Mike Sandul
  • Alvin Sellman
  • Howard Simcox
  • Carol Smith
  • Richard Sothoron
  • Charlie Stoner
  • Karen Sussman
  • Alfred Truitt
  • Paul Weber
  • Irwin Weiss
  • Paul Weinstein
  • Jim Wilson
  • Laura Zois

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