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Baltimore County Personal Injury Settlement

Below is a list of recent jury verdicts and out-of-court settlements in Baltimore County motor vehicle collision and medical malpractice cases. You can get more settlements and verdicts – and a word of caution on using this information – here.

Sample Baltimore County Verdicts and Settlements

  • 2024, Maryland $325,000 Verdict. While driving a sedan in Baltimore, an electrical engineer was involved in a collision with a Baltimore police cruiser at the intersection of Perring Parkway and Hillen Road, where there was no traffic-control device, and the police vehicle’s lights and sirens were not activated. The engineer sustained injuries to his head, neck, back, and shoulder. He filed a lawsuit against the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, alleging negligence on the part of the police officer driving the cruiser and vicarious liability on the part of the city. The police officer was attempting a left turn across multiple lanes when the collision occurred. Despite heavy traffic, the officer navigated through stopped cars but failed to yield to the oncoming lane, leading to the accident. The defense argued the engineer was in a parking lane, but liability was ultimately assigned to the officer.  The man was taken to the hospital, treated, and released. He claimed the accident caused a traumatic brain injury with permanent deficits, a chronic sprain – sprain/strain they call it – an impingement in his shoulder, and various soft tissue injuries, though some resolved after two months of therapy. Despite not seeking treatment for the brain injury, an expert diagnosed him with traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome, supported by neuropsychological tests and family testimonies about his cognitive changes. His ability to participate in activities and work productivity was claimed to be affected. Certainly, it is harder to get full compensation for such a serious injury without a full medical workup. He sought approximately $820,000 for noneconomic damages, while the defense suggested $20,000, disputing the brain injury claim. The jury awarded $325,000 in noneconomic damages after a three-day trial and two hours of deliberation.
  • 2023, Maryland $511,000 Verdict:  While heading to her car parked on a city street, a 70-year-old caregiver was struck by a passing vehicle, resulting in a hand injury. In response, she sought legal representation to pursue a lawsuit against both the driver and the driver’s employer, Koons of Owings Mills, for the harm caused. The injury led to three to four of her fingers being fractured, subsequently diagnosed as complex regional pain syndrome in her hand. The condition necessitated both physical therapy and pain management, severely restricting her hand’s functionality and limiting her to less physically demanding tasks. She reported medical expenses amounting to $11,000 due to the injury. A Baltimore County jury awarded her $511,399.
  • 2023, Maryland $792,000 Verdict.  A man in Baltimore who went camping and later noticed a red, itchy bug bite on his arm sought treatment at Patient Care in Catonsville.  The attending physician assistant diagnosed him with cellulitis, a skin infection, and an allergic reaction to a soda from Rite Aid. However, after the man’s symptoms worsened, including facial paralysis, he was referred to a hospital where he was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Despite receiving treatment, he was later diagnosed with central nervous system Lyme disease, Lyme meningitis, and Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, resulting in permanent physical ailments. The jury awarded the man $792,000, finding the urgent care facility responsible for misdiagnosing and wrongly treating him.
  • 2023, Maryland $9,000,000 Verdict. An elderly pastor suffered a stroke and was admitted to Stella Maris nursing home. After just six weeks at the nursing home, he developed a bed sore that progressed into a sepsis infection, which killed him. The lawsuit alleged that the nurse was grossly negligent in caring for him properly.
  • 2023, Maryland $25,100,000 Verdict.  At the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, a woman was misdiagnosed with preterm labor and fetal distress, leading to an emergency C-section at 23 weeks. Despite no medical indications supporting such a diagnosis, emergency delivery was performed, and the infant subsequently exhibited severe brain damage. This damage will require the child to rely on external care and support for life. After a two-week trial, the jury deemed the hospital and the attending physician negligent and held them responsible for not obtaining the mother’s informed consent for the procedure. The jury awarded almost $34 million to the family, including allocations for the child’s past and future medical expenses and lost earning potential.  This amount was reduced to around $25.2 million by Maryland’s pain and suffering damages cap.
  • 2023, Maryland $4,000,000 Verdict. An individual was assaulted and stabbed 17 times by three inmates at a Maryland correctional facility after a correctional officer allegedly enabled the attack. The victim had previously informed the warden about threats to his safety due to complaints of sexual harassment by guards, but these concerns were ignored. The state was criticized for not implementing preventative measures against such attacks. A jury found both the warden and the correctional officer negligent, awarding the victim $4 million in damages, with the state of Maryland being held accountable for a persistent pattern of mistreatment of inmates.
  • 2022, Maryland $1,282,000 Verdict. Our client aggravated the client’s preexisting degenerative disc disease and chronic pain. She recovered poorly from the crash despite undergoing extensive physical therapy and epidural steroid injections.  The defense tried to exploit that her injuries were preexisting, but the jury believed the crash was the final straw that led to her ongoing problems.
  • 2022, Maryland $2,400,000 Verdict: A patient underwent a bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy at Comprehensive Breast Care Center, located within the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), after malignant breast cancer was detected in her right breast. Despite undergoing chemotherapy to reduce the tumor, and the presence of a metal clip to mark its location, the surgeon failed to remove the entire right breast tissue containing the tumor during the mastectomy. This oversight became evident when post-surgery pathology reports couldn’t identify the cancer or the biopsy clip. Subsequent imaging tests reported no signs of cancer or the clip, though it was later revealed in testimony that they were still present. The patient remained uninformed about these concerns. Nine months post-mastectomy, the patient detected a lump in the same spot, revealing the unremoved tumor and clip.  Plaintiff’s medical malpractice lawyer tried the case as one of systemic failures throughout the patient’s treatment.   A Towson jury awarded $2.4 million in damages against GBMC and Advanced Radiology PA.
  • 2018, Maryland: $175,000 Settlement: Our client is hit when the defendant’s tractor-trailer attempts to turn right from the second to right-hand lane, causing the front left corner of our client’s pickup truck to get partially trapped under the tractor-trailer.  He suffered articular and bursal surface partial tears in his shoulder from the jolting impact.  He received a course of physical therapy and eventually underwent a subacromial decompression, biceps tenodesis, and repair of his left rotator cuff.  Several other passengers were in our client’s pickup truck, and they all settled their claims. The defendant offered $20,000, and we filed suit. After engaging in discovery and deposing the tractor-trailer driver, the defendant raised the offer several times, drawing a line in the sand at $140,000.  We threatened to walk from the negotiations and try the case, eventually leading to a $175,000 favorable settlement for our client.
  • 2014: $61,628 Verdict. A 78-year-old retired insurance executive is traveling through an intersection in Catonsville, Maryland, when a woman fails to stop at a stop, causing a collision. The man suffers aggravation to a prior lumbar fusion injury and experiences post-concussive headaches. He files suit against the Defendant, a State Farm insured, claiming she failed to yield the right of way. He claims $7,628.35 in past medicals. He also claims an unspecified amount for future medical treatment to treat his headaches sustained due to the accident. Defendant contends that Plaintiff had preexisting lower back problems without objective proof of the headaches. A Baltimore County jury finds for the Plaintiff and awards him $11,628 for past and future medicals and $50,000 for past pain and suffering.
  • 2012: $1 Million. The plaintiff, a 67-year-old woman with diabetes, suffers from an eye condition that requires a retina specialist. As a result of his treatment, the woman became legally blind. The defendants made no settlement offer.
  • 2012: Defense Verdict. Plaintiff avers that her bladder was perforated during urinary incontinence surgery when the surgeon inserted a vaginal sling. The woman developed multiple postoperative complications that landed her in the hospital for 40 days. The jury believed that this injury was a known risk of the surgery and that the surgeon had met the standard of care.
  • 2011: $148,863 Verdict. The plaintiff is driving on Route 40 when he loses control of his vehicle and collides with the left-side jersey wall. The plaintiff is stranded in his disabled vehicle when struck by the Defendant’s vehicle. The plaintiff suffers fractures in his hand and sustains a near amputation of his dominant arm. Plaintiff argues that Defendant had an opportunity to avoid the accident. In contrast, Defendant argues that Plaintiff is at fault because his stranded vehicle occupied a portion of the far left lane. Defendant additionally argues that Plaintiff’s injuries result from the collision with the jersey wall, not the collision between the two vehicles. A jury awards the Plaintiff $100,000.
  • 2011: $100,000 Verdict. Plaintiff is a passenger in Defendant’s vehicle when Defendant strikes the curb and a tree at 1:25 a.m. (Lesson? Nothing good – nothing – happens at 1:25 a.m.) Plaintiff alleges Defendant is intoxicated and negligently drove his vehicle, resulting in Plaintiff’s injuries. The jury awards $148,863.14 in damages to the Plaintiff, but judgment is entered at $100,000 per an agreement between the parties.
  • 2010: $295,156 Verdict. The plaintiff is rear-ended and claims to suffer a mild traumatic brain injury. At the time of the crash, the Defendant driver was driving a pick-up truck owned by his employer and was working within the scope of his employment. Plaintiff argues that Defendant failed to follow at a safe distance and that Defendant’s employer is responsible because the driver is working at the time of the crash. The Defendant driver and employer admit liability, but the Plaintiff’s injuries are disputed. The jury awards $295,156 to the Plaintiff.

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