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Somerset County Personal Injury Claims

Somerset County is a small Maryland county that has relatively few serious injury and wrongful death claims. The purpose of this page is to give personal injury victim and other Maryland lawyers a feel for what they can expect


Somerset County, established in 1666, has the slogan “semper eadem,” meaning “always the same.” Indeed, the population has only grown by 11,000 in 220 years, rising to 26,470 in 2010. Located on the Eastern Shore, the county seat is Princess Anne. The population is mostly white (53.5%) and African-American (42.3%). The median household income is $29,903. The main hospital in the county is the McCready Memorial Hospital, located in Crisfield.

Somerset County Circuit Court Judges:

Somerset County District Court Judges:

Somerset County Verdicts and Settlements

In 2015, there were only seven motor vehicle accident cases filed in Somerset County Circuit Court. That is a pretty incredible number. Why so few? Obviously, it reflects the fact that this is the second least populated county in Maryland. But that fact alone does not explain the fact that there was only one jury trial in the county the entire year.

The truth is that Maryland personal injury lawyers are afraid of this jurisdiction, and they look to file their cases elsewhere. Somerset County has a reputation of being extremely conservative, and some plaintiffs’ attorneys go to great lengths to find another court, including federal court, to file their auto accident and medical malpractice cases.

So is it that you just cannot win a personal injury case in Somerset County so you should not even bother? Of course not. The reality is that most cases — in Somerset County and everywhere else in Maryland — reach an out-of-court settlement long before a jury trial. More to the point, you can win a personal injury case anywhere. But in a jurisdiction like Somerset, there is no question that you are going to struggle at trial if you do not have a solid case.

Another point worth making here is true in any small town. Princess Anne is a small community where everyone knows everyone. Particular attention should be given to the reputation of the victim and the negligent party. These variables have an impact on case value in any jurisdiction. But the impact is more pronounced in a county like Somerset. Claims against Sherwin-Williams and McCready Memorial Hospital — two big employers in the county — are going to be a particular challenge, and you need to have a great case against them if you are going to win.

Somerset County Circuit Court Judges

There is one circuit court judge in Princess Anne, Maryland: Daniel M. Long, appointed from 1996 through 2023.

Somerset County District Court Judges

There is one district court judge in Princess Anne, Maryland: Paula A. Price, an associate judge appointed from 2009 through to 2019.

Getting an Attorney Who Can Help You

Our law firm handles serious personal injury car and truck accident and medical malpractice cases in Princess Anne, Maryland (Somerset County). If you have been injured in an accident, by a defective product, or by malpractice in the Somerset County area, call our lawyers at 800-553-8082 or click here for a free initial consultation.

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