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Talbot County Accident and Malpractice Claims

Our lawyers handle personal injury car and truck accident, medical malpractice and product liability claims in Talbot County. Both the District Court and Circuit Court in Talbot County are located in Easton.

Talbot County sits on the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, on the border of Queen Anne’s County to the north, Dorchester County and the Choptank River to the south, and Caroline County to the east. Talbot houses two highly sought after vacation spots on the Eastern Shore: St. Michaels and Tilghman Island.

What to Expect in Talbot County Personal Injury Cases

Historically, Talbot County has produced relatively conservative juries and personal injury lawyers have had a “keep out” of Talbot County at all costs policy which means that any other county, including the relatively conservative Dorchester County, would be preferable. Today, while Talbot County is no paradise for personal injury lawyers, it is getting more cosmopolitan which means juries are becoming far more reasonable in their verdicts. We won a medical malpractice lawsuit in Talbot County in 2013, one of the few in recent years.

Easton Memorial Hospital services Talbot, Caroline and Dorchester counties and many of our personal injury clients receive treatment at this hospital.

There are not a great deal of personal injury accident or malpractice cases that come out of Talbot County. Most of the personal injury cases we see from Talbot County are car, motorcycle and truck accident cases single lane highways, often head on collusions.

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