Queen Anne's County


Queen Anne’s County is located on the Maryland Eastern Shore, and has a population of 47,798. The county seat is Centreville, which is the second most populous town after Stevensville. The county is composed of over 88% white residents, with 7% African-American residents. The median household income in 2000 was $57,307.

Somerset County Verdicts and Settlements

The most recent data we have is five years old.  In 2010, there were only 30 auto collision cases filed in Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court, and 43 civil trials. 

That is not a lot of serious injury trials.  Why?  One reason is there are not -- relatively speaking -- a lot of people in this county.  Prince George's County, for example, has more than 15 times more citizens who are generally more litigious. People in Queen Anne's are filing a lawsuit as a last resort. 

But there is a bigger issue. Plaintiffs' lawyers avoid this county like the plague because these jurors, and really all Eastern Shore juries, are considered to be conservative in their verdicts. Most personal injury attorneys to find another county where they can file the lawsuit or they try to get jurisdiction in federal court. 

Does this mean you cannot win a personal injury jury trial in Queen Anne's County?  Absolutely not.  You can win a good case anywhere.  But if you are going to bring an injury or death case to trial in this county, it had better be an iron solid case. 

In the District Court there were 2,228 civil cases filed. In the Circuit Court, Plaintiffs’ lawyers tend to prefer bench trials (where the judge decides the verdict) over jury trials in Queen Anne’s County, and many lawyers look for excuses to file elsewhere. However, a sincere plaintiff with objective injuries will typically do well in any jurisdiction. Judge Ross in particular has extensive civil experience. As far as District Court cases go, Judge Kratovil is a new member of the court, but all signs - most notably his voting record in Congress - point to him being fair-minded to people who deserve compensation.

Centreville Circuit Court Judges

There is one circuit court judge in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland: Thomas G. Ross, appointed from 2009 through 2019.

Centerville District Court Judges

There is one district court judge in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland: Frank Kratovil, an associate judge (and, as mentioned above, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives) appointed through 2022.

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