Worcester County (Ocean City)

Most of us have visited Ocean City. It is a nice place to vacation. It is not a great place for civil injury lawsuits.

Juries are largely older, retired, and conservative. As a group, these people award less in damages.

We are not aware of any significant medical malpractice verdicts in Ocean City in recent years and there have been few significant verdicts in Ocean City in traffic collision cases tried in Worcester County. At grave risk of over generalization, many permanent residents of Ocean City - which is a big part of Worcester - are retired. Most retired jurors are generally more concervative when it comes to placing a value on the pain and suffering of an injury victim.

Worcester County and and Talbot County are the most conservative on the Eastern Shore in terms of their non-economic awards. Many personal injury attorneys do with accident and malpractice cases connected with Ocean City is try to remove the case either to federal court or to another jurisdiction (which is often very possible). In a car accident case in Ocean City, it is not uncommon for the Plaintiff and the Defendant to both reside in another jurisdiction. It is not that injury victims cannot prevail at trial in Ocean City personal injury cases. Our lawyers' feeling is that a good case wins anywhere in Maryland. We would rather have a good case in Ocean City than a bad case in Baltimore City. But, that said, it cannot be denied that it is a tougher road to hoe in Worcester County.

There are three Circuit Court judges in Worcester County: Judge Theodore R. Eschenburg Sr., Judge Richard R. Bloxom, and Judge Thomas C. Groton III.

The county uses trained attorney mediators in settlement conferences before trial, a time in which many personal injury cases do reach a settlement.

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