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Harford County as a Venue for Injury Cases

Harford County is located at the northernmost part of the state. It is geographically situated between Cecil County (to the east) and Baltimore County (to the west). Harford County's northern border is the Mason-Dixon Line. No doubt, it is a traditionally rural county that still has a deep connection to its agricultural past. It is also home to many military families, because Aberdeen Proving Ground is located here.


The demographics are important because they can give an idea of what an average jury looks like in Harford County. It has a population of 244, 826. According to the 2010 census, the population is comprised of 81.2% white, 12.7% black, and 3.5% Hispanic or Latino. 24% of the population is under age 18, and 12.8% of the population is 65 or older. 91% of people over age 25 are high school graduates, and 30.5% have a bachelor's degree or higher. The median household income is $77,010. The major cities in order of population, are Aberdeen (14,959), Havre de Grace (12,952), and Bel Air (10,120). Bel Air is the county seat. It is home to the Aberdeen IronBirds, a minor league baseball team founded by Cal Ripken, Jr. The largest civilian employer is the Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

There are a two hospitals in Harford County.

  • Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (Bel Air) (the second-largest private employer in the county): you can read about malpractice claims against this hospital here.
  • Harford Memorial Hospital (Havre de Grace) (part of Upper Chesapeake Health)

Medical malpractice cases involving these hospitals are sometimes tried before these juries, though plaintiff's lawyers sometimes try to move the cases elsewhere because of a reputation for conservative juries. In 2010, there was a $3.5 million medical malpractice verdict against Upper Chesapeake in a vascular surgery that lead to spinal cord infarct resulting in paraplegia.

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Circuit Court Judges

The Circuit Court is located at 20 West Courtland Street in Bel Air, Maryland. There are five judges:

District Court Judges

The District Court is located at 2 South Bond Street in Bel Air, Maryland. There are four judges:

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Still, this jurisdiction has a reputation for extremely conservative jury verdicts. This is a jurisdiction that most plaintiffs' personal injury lawyers are reluctant to file suit in if an alternate venue is available. I think this is changing this area is becoming more cosmopolitan (particularly Bel Air) and we are seeing better jury verdicts there. More so than in the past, juries in many cases seem to appreciate the full extent of injuries in cases where liability is proven.

There are so few reported from Bel Air. Here are a few more sample settlements and verdicts in this jurisdiction in different types of tort cases. Obviously, these verdicts are not representative cases and you cannot use these cases alone to ascertain the value of your claim.

  • $1,000,000 Verdict. Hart Heritage Nursing Home in Harford County is sued by the family of an elderly woman for the most classic type of nursing home case we see: pure neglect that cause a horrific and easily avoidable death.. An aide determines that an 86 year old woman is ill after she discovers her to be feverish. A certified aide was to examine the woman, but never does. During changing of the staff, no mention of the elderly woman's condition is exchanged. The woman is discovered later that evening, having had several bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. She is also determined to be suffering from rectal bleeding, which continues through the night. here is a delay in contacting the woman's son with her condition being very downplayed. Her son arrives to see her at 8 a.m. the next day and the doctor is immediately contacted. The woman dies before the paramedics reach her. A Harford County jury determines the nursing home cause her pain and death and awards $1 million. The damage award is reduced to $710,000 according to Maryland cap on noneconomic damages in nursing home cases.

  • $64,221 Verdict. Plaintiff, a 22 year old daycare worker, is the passenger in a vehicle when the driver loses control and strikes a tree. Both individuals are extricated from the vehicle through the roof and taken to a trauma center for treatment. A year later, Plaintiff presents to her primary care physician with complaints of ongoing neck and back pain dating back to the accident. She is referred for physical therapy and eventually completely recovers. Plaintiff files suit claiming approximately $15,000 in past medical expenses and $108 in lost wages. Defendant concedes liability, but disputes the severity and proximate cause of Plaintiff's injuries. Defendant argues that the injuries sustained should have resolved spontaneously in the months after the accident. The jury disagrees and awards the Plaintiff $64,221 in damages.

  • $3,557,398 Verdict. Plaintiff, left paralyzed from the waist down after a surgical procedure, files suit against multiple Defendants claiming that her surgery was done improperly and that she suffers from unexpected complications. Plaintiff contends that the wrong size graft was used in an axillobifemoral bypass, a procedure to repair a blocked aorta. Plaintiff presented testimony from nine expert witnesses. Plaintiff was awarded $3,557,398 in damages, which was reduced to $2,874,398 in accordance with Maryland's cap on non-economic damages. As of April, 2014, this case has been remanded back to the Circuit Court for a new trial after defendant’s successful appeal.

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