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Caroline County is stationed on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. As of 2010, its total population was 33,066. The Caroline County courthouse, located in the capital of Denton, was built in 1797. Other major towns include Federalsburg and Greensboro.

Caroline County is fiercely rural (it has no interstate highway or U.S. highway), and is the population increases consist largely of retirees and workers who commute to western Maryland. The registered Republicans and Democrats are almost evenly split, with 54 more Republicans. Approximately 78% of the population is White, 14% is Black, and 5.5% is Latino or Hispanic. 90% of the population comprises ages 25 to 44, and the median household income is about $39,000.

Medical care in Caroline County is available from Denton’s Shore Health, part of the University of Maryland Medical System. Shore Health provides rehabilitation, diagnostic and family medical services. Residents must travel to one of the neighboring counties for most hospital services, however.

Caroline Courty attorneys have the highest level of pro bono service than any other county in Maryland: a fully 61.5% of lawyers in Caroline performed 50 or more hours of pro bono service in 2012.

Somerset County Verdicts and Settlements

In 2011 Caroline County Circuit Court had nine automobile accident cases filed, and six other types of civil tort cases. Approximately the same number of cases were resolved that year—10 auto accident cases and 13 other civil torts. In total, there were nine civil bench (judge) trials and one civil jury trial. Comparatively, the District Court there were 4,468 automobile lawsuits filed, and 5,949 auto cases resolved. It is fair to say that the county’s jurors have a reputation of being conservative. That is to be expected on the Eastern Shore.

There have been few reported verdicts in Caroline County in recent years. There was a defense verdict in a case abgainst Ruxton Health Care back in 2010 and a $285,000 settlement filed in Caroline County in a case against the Kent Courty Sheriff and the Kent County Board of Education in 2011 for, of all things, an illegal strip search case. But not much otherwise.

The reason? Honestly, the best pesonal injury lawyers try look for reasons to move the cases to another jurisdiction and are often successful.But for serious cases with permanent or extensive injuries, however, it is our experience that a plaintiff can be successful anywhere.

Somerset County Judges

Judge Karen Murphy Jensen is the judge of the Circuit Court in Caroline County. Judge Douglas Everngam is the sole judge of the District Court.

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