Kent County


Kent County, Maryland, is located on the upper eastern shore nestled between Cecil County and Queen Anne's County. It is the least populous county in Maryland, with just over 20,000 people. The county seat is Chestertown, Maryland, with a population of about 5,000 people. There are four major towns: Chestertown, Betterton, Galena, Millington and Rock Hall. The main hospital in Kent County is Chester River Health, part of the University of Maryland Medical System.

Kent County Verdicts and Settlements

In 2010, there were about 1,300 new cases filed in the Kent County Circuit Court (compare this to the nearly 58,000 filed in Baltimore City). Of those 1,300 cases, about five were for automobile accidents, and 12 were for other types of personal injury. The District Court for Kent County had about 6,100 new cases filed in 2010, with just over 4,000 filed automobile accident cases.

Because there are so few cases that go to jury trial in Kent County, it is difficult to get a handle on any verdict patterns. Certainly, Kent County can be somewhat conservative from a plaintiff’s perspective; however, jurors are usually fair, especially when judging someone who has also lived in Kent County for a good period of time.

Chestertown Judges

There is one judge in the Circuit Court, County Administrative Judge Paul M. Bowen, who has been presiding since 2009. There is also only one judge in the District Court, John E. Nunn, III.

Chestertown Trial Lawyers

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