Rear End Truck Accident Case Verdicts

A Jury Verdict Research study found that the median award in rear-end truck accident cases is $93,909. Remarkably, plaintiffs recover damages in 63 percent of rear-end truck accident cases that go to verdict. That study is based on verdicts rendered throughout the United States from 1997 to 2007. So while this data is a little old now seven years later, there is no reason to believe that the numbers have changed substantially in the last six years.

This is the median truck accident verdict, not the average. The average verdict is always going to be higher than the median verdict. We have not seen average rear end truck crash data, but we do know that 12% of the verdicts in rear end truck accident cases are over $1 million.

Okay, so what if you were not in a truck accident but a car accident. There is not data available that we have seen that shows the average rear end motor vehcile wreck settlement or verdict. You can expect, in general terms, the value to be less simply because the force of the collision caused by cars is usually less than you see in big rig crash cases. In Maryland, the median - as opposed to average - accident verdict is around $12,000. Which means that most car crash cases that go to trial in Maryland are not very good cases. So I think you have to look more to the type of injury as opposed to the mechanism of injury. That's the better test, anyway. Juries don't care how the collision happened. They want to know how hurt you are.

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