How Each Maryland County Values Injuries at Trial

The one thing victims probably understand the least about how cases are valued for settlement is the connection between the value of your case and the jurisdiction of the claim. You could compare some counties in Maryland where the value in one county is worth more than twice what the exact same case would be in another county.

Below we review every county to give you some idea of which counties are most favorable to personal injury victims.

Maryland Courts: The Low Down on Different Jurisdictions in Maryland
The true answer on jurisdiction is that there are two great jurisdictions in Maryland: Baltimore City and Prince George's County.  In 98% of personal injury cases, you are going to want jurisdiction in one of those venues over any other jurisdiction.

The value in other jurisdictions is much lower.  How much lower?  It depends on the the jurisdiction, obviously.  There are places on the Eastern Shore where a quality jury award has not been given in years.  

But.. that is a little misleading, too.  Why?  The reality is that a great case is a great case anywhere.  A great case rarely goes to trial.  Just because you do not see big verdicts out of many of these jurisdictions does not mean that there are not big settlements.  Cases in the more difficult jurisdictions are even more likely to settle because the lawyers in those jurisdictions are not used to big numbers. The result?  They do not push the insurance company as far as they can.  

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