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Our lawyers handle negligence and malpractice claims against Maryland hospitals. These facilities are entrusted with our care when we go to the emergency room, are undergoing surgery, or recovering from an illness. Too often mistakes is made that causes serious injury or death.


Patient care cannot be expected to be perfect and there is no question that there can be a bumpy ride at even the best of hospitals. But there are minimal standards of care that every hospital must meet.

Hospitals are required to meet these standards of care and adhere to certain policies and procedures to ensure the health and well-being of their patients. Hospitals have to make sure that the doctors who practice under their umbrella are licensed and otherwise qualified to do so.

How often does this happen in a hospital setting? Far too often. The was a Harvard study of medical negligence that looked at the hospital records of over 30,000 patients. The study found that 1 out of ever 100 patients admitted to a hospital had an potential legal malpractice claim. Remember, most of these cases are presenting pretty simple medical issues. Can you imagine what the data would show if you weeded out the those cases? Sure, some of the patient suffered only minor injuries but a stunning 14% of he time the malpractice resulted in death, and 10% of the time the the incident resulted in hospitalization for more than six months. Seven of those 10 people suffered a permanent disability.

The take home message: medical malpractice happens way too offen in Maryland hospitals.

Why It Sometimes Makes More Sense to Sue a Hospital Than a Doctor

A Look at Individual Hospitals

From a practical standpoint, it is worth noting that a medical malpractice fight is easier against a hospital or a non-doctor health care provider (such as nurses, technicians, etc.) than against a doctor. Why? Because juries in Maryland are more willing to believe that a non-doctor health care provider could make an error causing a serious injury than they are that a doctor could make such an error. Moreover, it is easier for a jury to blame the hospital than an individual doctor because juries still - for better and for worse - see doctors as infallible.

One final consideration: doctors are sometimes reluctant to settle because their individual malpractice rates will rise. Doctors do not necessarily have veto power to decide whether a case settles. But many malpractice carriers, including doctor owned Medical Mutual which has most of the market share in Maryland, give their doctors a lot of latitude in deciding whether to make a settlement offer. This is less of a problem when suing a medical institution.

Setting Up a Hospital Malpractice Claim

At Miller & Zois, we understand how to find out what happened - what really happened not just what it says in the medical records. Our lawyers challenge hospitals to explain why the hospital did what they did. We identify violations of the hospital's policy and regulations (or what should have been the hospital's policy or procedure). Our lawyers inquire about the hospital's duty to review the qualifications of their doctors to ensure that only qualified physicians practice within the hospital's walls (negligent credentialing).

To be fair, while you are reading this text, somewhere a good doctor is saving someone's life in a hospital. We should all be grateful to that hospital and to those health care providers. Here in Maryland, we are blessed to have two hospitals that are among the best in the entire world right in Baltimore: Johns Hopkins and the University Hospital (University of Maryland). But even at these incredible hospitals mistakes are made. If we make mistakes we should be held accountable for those mistakes if they hurt someone else. In that respect, hospitals are just like all of us.

Sample Medical Malpractice Verdicts

Below is a list of example hospital mistake jury verdicts in Maryland. It is sometimes illustrative in trying determine both the trial and the out-of-court settlement value of any civil case to see similar cases and review their outcomes. There are limitations to doing this that are important to consider. A trial has so many variables and it is difficult to know from these summarizes what turned the verdict.

Make no mistake about it: these cases are complex and expensive. Hospitals just don't admit their mistakes.... unless they're forced to. But our lawyers have taken on this challenge many times and won. Do you need our help? If you have been injured as the result of medical or hospital malpractice or negligence, call us at 800-553-8082 or click here for a free consultation.

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