Wrongful Death Beneficiaries

When a victim dies in Maryland in an auto accident or truck accident, or as the result of medical malpractice or a defective product, if there is neglience on the part of a person or company, the victim's family will have a wrongful death claim. Maryland wrongful death law allows a survivor of a victim killed by negligence or malpractice to sue for their loss.The Maryland wrongful death statute provides a list of the individuals entitled to sue under the statute.

Primary Beneficaries

The primary beneficiaries to a wrongful death action are the spouse, parent, or child of a victim. If a primary beneficiary is alive, then a secondary benficiary will not recover any damages.

Secondary Beneficiaries

If there are no livingprimarybeneficiaries to file suit, then asecondarybeneficiary may file suit. So secondary wrongful death beneficiaries may recover only if there is no primary beneficiaries if they are related by blood or marriage to the victim and were " substantially dependent" upon the victim.

Siblings and Other Close Blood Relatives Get Nothing But...wrongfuldeathbeneficiaries

There is nothing in the Maryland wrongful death statute that provides for any recovery for non-dependent siblings, cousins, nieces or nephews or other relatives. But keep in mind we are only talking about the wrongful death claims here. Negligent death cases also involve a survival action component so often family members who do not recover under the wrongful death claim can recover under the survival action if they were blood relatives or named in the victim's will.

Unfortunately, if there is no primary or secondary beneficiary, there is no wrongful death claim. It is somewhat rare but we do see some cases where there is not a wrongful death claim because there are no relatives that fall under the categories of potential claimants under the wrongful death statute. But, again, they often have a survival action claim.

Getting a Wrongful Death Lawyer to Set Things Right

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