Miller & Zois handles premises negligence cases throughout Maryland involving injuries from accidents caused by negligent landlords who do not do what they are obligated to do to take proper care of their tenant. We handle only personal injury accident cases against landlords. We do not handle landlord tenant disputes.

A common thread running through successful lawsuits against landlords in Maryland are claims involving accidents that cause injury in (1) common areas, (2) defects in the premises at the time the lease was signed, and (3) injuries that occur for conditions that the landlord agreed to fix. The more difficult cases are injuries that occur inside the injury victim's home that do not fall into the categories listed above.

Landlords also have a duty to take reasonable precautions to keep their tenants safe. This includes taking proper security measures, including maintaining and regularly inspecting lights, locks and other devices implemented to deter criminal activity.

If you have a serious injury lawsuit you believe was caused by your landlord's negligence, our attorneys will be glad to speak with you. You can reach a Maryland slip and fall lawyer at 1-800-553-8082 or get a free no obligation Internet consultation.

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