Our lawyers represent parents and their children in lawsuits and for settlements for injuries from preventable accident and abuse in day care centers in Maryland.

Millions of parents put their kids in day care every day. Everyone thinks and hopes their child is safe, or they would not put their child in that day care in the first place.

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The quality of day care varies wildly in the country. Maryland, like most states, has crafted laws to try to protect children and to try to require day care centers to provide minimal standards of care.

But a day care is only as good as the people who are working there. There is no law that can stop a day care provider who does not care about the children. Certainly, most people who work in day care centers are good people who love children and make their safety paramount. But there is a small subset of day care employees who neglect the safety of children and, sometimes, act with evil intent.

Finding Insurance Coverage

One recurring theme in day care cases is whether the facility is licensed and whether there is insurance to cover the injuries. Maryland law creates a lot of hoops to jump through to be a licensed day care facility. Sometimes, the biggest battles in these cases is not proving the abuse or neglect, but finding insurance coverage for the injuries. If you sue and get a verdict, there has to be money there to pay a settlement or verdict. One big battle with smaller day care facilities: whether the provider's homeowner's insurance applies.

Jury Verdicts and Settlements Against Day care Providers

We have compiled a list of verdicts in lawsuits against day care providers around the country. This is not meant to be a representative sampling by any stretch.

  • 2012, Virginia: $30,000 settlement for a six year-old boy who fell over a railing, fracturing his leg which required an open reduction. The claim was that the deck railing was not high enough to prevent the child from falling.
  • 2012, Florida: $3,000,000 verdict against a day care provider for a child that was sexually assaulted by a teacher's 13 year old son.
  • 2012, Pennsylvania: $60,300 verdict for a two year-old whose upper lip suffered a four inch cut by a sharp object while taking a nap. Crazy facts: a gust of wind blows over a poster, which knocks over a cup that falls of the windowsill, hits a bookshelf, and shatters. Negligence was leaving the breakable items near the sleeping kids.
  • 2011, Texas: $22,500 settlement for a daycare center after it failed to care for a four year-old child who cut his hand.
  • 2011, Florida: $100,000 verdict for a five-year-old struck in the eye with a snowball thrown by an employee of the day care on a field trip to an ice rink, causing him to lose sight in his eye. The verdict was so low, plaintiff's lawyer filed a motion for additur, arguing that a reasonable jury would not award so little to a boy who lost an eye.
  • 2011, Massachusetts: a $300,000 settlement for a child after the day care center allowed the infant to be left alone with a four-year-old girl who scalded the infant with hot water.
Getting a Lawyer for Your Lawsuit Against a Maryland Day Care Provider

If your child has been seriously injured as the result of a negligent or intentional act at the child's day care center, our attorneys will be glad to speak with you. Call 800-553-8082 or get a free no obligation Internet consultation.

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