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Settlements and Verdicts in Maryland

Average Verdicts and Settlement and Sample Case

          When a victim dies as the result of someone's mistake, the last thing they are thinking about is how much money they will get for their loss. deathaveragesettlementAlmost invariably, they focus on their own pain and grief and the anguish of others they love dealing with the loss. But after that, the survivors turn to their desire for at least some measure of justice and/or they focus on how they will survive economically. From this, their question becomes, "How much money will I get to compensate me for this loss?" This page will provide some answers for you.


Average Wrongful Death Settlement/Verdict

          There are a lot of statistics that provide information on the average value of a wrongful death claim, both in Maryland and nationally. Here are a few useful statistics:

  • The average fatal accident or malpractice claim for an adult man is $4.1 million ($1.4 million median); for a adult woman, it is $3.1 million ($1.4 million median)
  • The average verdict for a minor male is $4.3 million ($2 million median); for minor girls the average is $3.4 million ($1.5 million median).(No, we can't explain the difference.)
  • The average verdict for deaths over 65 is $1.3 million.  
  • The average settlement/verdict (combining the two) in Maryland traffic accident death claims is $500,000.

The last statistic seems out of place. Why does the average value fall to $500,000 when settled cases are thrown in the mix. Two reason:

    1. There are many car accident deaths where the insurance policies are not large enough to cover the loss.
    2. The cap on pain and suffering damages limits the settlement value of the case to less than the average of what a jury might give. Accordingly, if a jury awards $10 million in pain and suffering, for example, that verdict would be reduced to between $680,000 and $2 million, depending on the details of the case and the year of the fatality.

Miller & Zois Recent Wrongful Death Verdicts and Settlements

So, to give you a better idea of the value of a case, we provide below some verdicts and settlements - most handled by our law firm - in Maryland wrongful death cases. Keep in mind, particularly where there is a fatality, you can't perfectly compare verdicts. You might see a case that sounds exactly like yours but it is very different in an important way. These verdicts are helpful but you need to take these with a pinch - and sometimes a handful - of salt.

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