Sample Correspondence from Our Lawyers to Clients and Others in Personal Injury Cases

Setting Up the Case
  • Introductory Letter with Contingency Retainer Agreement and Medical Authorization Authorization (get it here)
  • Letter of Representation (get it here)
  • Consent to Joint Representation: a must have from the client if you are sharing fees with the referring lawyer (get it here)
Putting the Case TogetherSettlement Demand Letters, Etc.
  • Sample Demand Packages
    • Sample Demand Letter: Negligence/Legal Malpractice (get it here)
    • Sample Demand Letter: Motorcycle Accident/Wrongful Death (get it here)
    • Sample Demand Letter: Truck Accident/Catastrophic Injuries (get it here)
    • Sample Pre-Trial Demand/Bad Faith Letter (get it here)
  • Sample letter to client notifying that lawsuit has been filed (get it here)
  • Sample Bad Faith Letter (get it here)
Trial/Post-Settlement/Post Verdict

Note: This is a new section - September, 2013 - to our website. We last updated this page on November 7, 2014. We should not have to reinvent the wheel; so we are trying to set up a depository of letters in personal injury cases. If you use these letters, make sure you read them and refine them for your particularly case and jurisdiction.

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