This blog provides an update on the hernia mesh lawsuits.  As of November 15, 2021, there are 14,553 lawsuits against Bard and 3,599 lawsuits against Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) in federal court that are consolidated in an MDL class action lawsuit. This page was last updated on November 30, 2021.

[November 23, 2021 Update: Mr. Johns’ hernia mesh lawsuit against Bard ended earlier this fall with a defense verdict after a short jury deliberation.  It was a tough blow.  The video below provides our take on what this means for future settlement amounts in the hernia mesh lawsuits.

The MDL class action judge set last week the trial date for January 10, 2022, which will hopefully have a better outcome for the plaintiffs. ]

There are over 250,000 plaintiffs, mostly military veterans, that have filed a 3M earplug lawsuit against 3M alleging that the company’s Combat Arms earplugs were defective and failed to protect them from hearing damage.  The 3M earplug lawsuits have been consolidated into the largest “class action” MDL in history – the 3M Earplugs MDL in the Northern District of Florida. Our law firm is taking 3M earplug lawsuits in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The 8th bellwether trial in the ongoing 3M earplugs litigation is set to begin tomorrow in Tallahassee. The case, Theodore Finley v. 3M Co., et al. (7:20-cv-170) is another defense pick. In this post, we will review the first 7 rounds of bellwether trials against 3M and provide a pre-game analysis of the Finley case.

This page provides all recent updates on the 3M earplug lawsuit.  The last update was on November 29, 2021, at 8:16 p.m.

Last month, medical device company Philips drew national attention from the plaintiffs’ bar when it recalled over 3 million sleep apnea CPAP machines based on serious health concerns. Philips instructed users to immediately stop using the recalled devices because they could be causing them to inhale toxic chemicals.

The nature and circumstances of the recall have plaintiffs’ speculating on whether former users of the recalled devices will have viable claims in a CPAP product liability lawsuit. The success of future CPAP recall lawsuits will depend on 2 factors: (1) the extent of Philip’s liability which will be driven by what they knew and when; and (2) the scientific evidence linking the defect in the CPAP devices to specific health consequences. In this post, I focus specifically on the first factor – what did Philips know and when?

November 2021 Update:

Sexual assault or sexual abuse victims can bring a personal injury lawsuit in civil court against the perpetrator. Sexual assault lawsuits can also be brought against third parties such as schools, employers, churches, etc., if their negligence allowed the assault or abuse to occur. In this post we will explain how civil lawsuits for sexual assault work and how the differ from criminal proceedings.

Civil Lawsuits and Damages for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault or abuse is a serious crime and perpetrators can face criminal charges and potentially go to prison or face alternative criminal sanctions. Unfortunately, assault victims do receive any type of restitution in criminal proceedings against the offender. Sexual assault victims can get financial compensation (damages) for the assault by filing a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator or responsible third parties.

The discovery of a carcinogenic chemical in the popular heartburn drug Zantac prompted thousands of Zantac lawsuits around the country. The Zantac lawsuits in federal courts have been consolidated into a “class-action” MDL before Judge Robin Rosenberg in the Southern District of Florida.

Today, Judge Rosenberg is meeting with counsel for both sides to hammer out the details for how individual cases will be selected for “bellwether” trials, which are set to begin a little over a year from now. Bellwether cases are expected to be selected based on the type of cancer involved. The outcome of these initial test trials will be critically important in determining whether the Zantac lawsuits get resolved in a global settlement.

Zantac Lawsuits

Belviq lawsuits have been filed after the Belviq recall last year in response to fears it may cause cancer.

The defendants in the Belviq lawsuits, Arena Pharmaceuticals and Eisai, Inc., have recently filed motions to dismiss in many of these cases.

Last week we saw the first ruling in one of these motions to dismiss. Although the judge dismissed some of the plaintiff’s claims in the case, he declined to dismiss the lawsuits outright.  Plaintiff’s most significant tort claims were untouched.

Lawyers are now jumping on NEC lawsuits that alleged baby formulas made from cow milk, such as Enfamil and Similac, pose a danger to premature infants because they greatly increase the risk of a dangerous infection called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).  Our attorneys are going after these potential lawsuits as well because we think they might produce large settlements and verdicts.

Over the last 12 months, numerous product liability lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer of Similac (Abbott Laboratories, Inc.) and the maker of Enfamil (Mead Johnson Nutrition). These NEC formula lawsuits accuse the defendants of deliberately failing to warn about the risk of NEC.

Mass tort historians, if such a thing exists, will tell you that first cases filed in an eventually successful mass tort end in disaster.  One of the first infant formula NEC lawsuits was Ferry v. Mead Johnson & Co., et al. (3:20-cv-00099) which was filed in Connecticut state court and removed to the U.S. District Court for Connecticut because of diversity jurisdiction.

Over 600 Paraquat lawsuits have been filed around the U.S. by farmworkers and others who developed Parkinson’s disease from exposure to the herbicide Paraquat (grameoxone).

These lawsuits are based on a body of scientific evidence showing that prolonged exposure to paraquat is linked to early-onset Parkinson’s disease in adults.

Our Paraquat lawyers are very enthusiastic about these lawsuits.  We believe the Paraquat lawsuits have a high likelihood of success at trial and this will ultimately lead to high settlement amounts for victims.

While Bayer continues to settle large blocks of Roundup lawsuits, another Roundup jury trial is currently underway in California. Following a COVID delay, the trial in the case of plaintiff Donnetta Stephens has now converted to a virtual proceeding, making it one of the first “trials by zoom” in U.S. history.

This post, last updated on October 26, 2021, offers a snapshot of the latest Roundup lawsuit that might really shake up the post-“big settlements” Roundup litigation.

4th Roundup Case Goes to Trial

If you are bringing a birth injury lawsuit, you find out pretty quickly that the birth injury lawsuit process is a complicated maze.  It is a lot to absorb.  I wrote this post to explain to you what you can expect when you file a birth injury lawsuit.

Each birth injury malpractice lawsuit involves unique facts and circumstances, but they all go through the same process in the court system. Understanding this process and what to expect during each stage can help you feel more comfortable and eliminate some of the anxiety that often comes with being a plaintiff.

Bringing a birth injury lawsuit in Maryland can be mentally and emotionally difficult for most parents.  Having a good birth injury lawyer that cares and understands what getting justice for your child is all about can make a huge difference.  This page will walk through the progression of a birth injury lawsuit from begging to end.