This is an October 6, 2021 update on the ongoing hernia mesh trial against C.R. Bard.

[October 6, 2021 Update: Mr. Johns’ hernia mesh lawsuit against Bard ended last month with a defense verdict after a short jury deliberation.  It is tough blow.  Our lawyers will update this page later today with more details and our take on what this means for future settlement amounts in the hernia mesh lawsuits.

The MDL class action judge set last week the trial date for January 10, 2022, which will hopefully have a better outcome for the plaintiffs. ]

There are over 250,000 plaintiffs, mostly military veterans, that have filed a 3M earplug lawsuit against 3M alleging that the company’s Combat Arms earplugs were defective and failed to protect them from hearing damage. The 3M earplug lawsuits have been consolidated into the largest “class action” MDL in history – the 3M Earplugs MDL in the Northern District of Florida. Our law firm is taking these cases in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

3m earplug verdictOctober 12, 2021 New Verdict:  Earlier this month, a federal court jury in Florida awarded army veteran Brandon Adkins $8.2 million!  This is a huge verdict in a case that was on 3M’s list of earplug lawsuits it wanted to go to trial.  So the weak 3M earplug lawsuits are worth $8.2 million.  This new verdict has huge implications for an eventual 3M earplug settlement.  Juries are speaking loud and clear about what it thinks of what 3M did in these cases.

Billions of dollars are at state.  Yet, frustratingly for many victims, there are few 3M trial updates about the status of the litigation or where we are in the current 3M trial.

Hundreds of Paraquat lawsuits have been filed around the U.S. by farmworkers and others who developed Parkinson’s disease from exposure to the herbicide Paraquat (grameoxone).

These lawsuits are based on a body of scientific evidence showing that prolonged exposure to paraquat is linked to early-onset Parkinson’s disease in adults.

The Paraquat MDL has a chance of growing larger than our Paraquat lawyers expected after a new study from France in September 2021. This study found that Paraquat exposure during pregnancy can cause similar neurological damage to unborn fetuses.

While Bayer continues to settle large blocks of Roundup lawsuits, another Roundup jury trial is currently underway in California. Following a COVID delay, the trial in the case of plaintiff Donnetta Stephens has now converted to a virtual proceeding, making it one of the first “trials by zoom” in U.S. history.

This post, last updated on October 6, 2021, offers a snapshot of the latest Roundup lawsuit that might really shake up the post-“big settlements” Roundup litigation.

4th Roundup Case Goes to Trial

If you are bringing a birth injury lawsuit, you find out pretty quickly that the birth injury lawsuit process is a complicated maze.  It is a lot to absorb.  I wrote this post to explain to you what you can expect when you file a birth injury lawsuit.

Each birth injury malpractice lawsuit involves unique facts and circumstances, but they all go through the same process in the court system. Understanding this process and what to expect during each stage can help you feel more comfortable and eliminate some of the anxiety that often comes with being a plaintiff.

Bringing a birth injury lawsuit can be mentally and emotionally difficult for most parents.  Having a good birth injury lawyer that cares and understands what getting justice for your child is all about can make a huge difference.  This page will walk through the progression of a birth injury lawsuit from begging to end.

In this post, we will look at the effectiveness of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) as a surgical option for the treatment of chronic back pain. ACDF is a special type of back surgery in which a spinal disc is actually removed in order to relieve nerve root pressure and eliminate chronic pain.

ACDF Surgery

ACDF SURGERY LAWYERACDF surgery involves 2 steps: (1) anterior cervical discectomy; and (2) fusion. The anterior cervical discectomy involves the surgical removal of the targeted spinal disc in the cervical region of the spine. The discectomy is “anterior” because the surgical entry point is done in the front of the neck instead of through the back of the neck like in most back surgeries.

Bayer will pull Round-Up off the market in January 2023.  This post is about how this will impact the settlement amounts in future Roundup lawsuits that are not in the initial settlement.

Ever since its acquisition of Monsanto back in 2016, Bayer has been besieged by a growing tide of Roundup lawsuits. The lawsuits allege that prolonged exposure to the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, can cause cancer. Bayer has steadfastly defended the safety of its iconic weed killer product. But last week the company made a drastic shift when it announced that glyphosate-based Roundup will be pulled from the retail market starting January 2023.

Roundup-242x300Why leave the product on the market for another year?  It is hard to defend.  Bayer seems to desperately not want to make it seems like a recall.  I’m-not-actually-doing-this-thing-that-I’m-it-seems-like-I’m-doing.

Last month, medical device company Philips drew national attention from the plaintiffs’ bar when it recalled over 3 million sleep apnea CPAP machines based on serious health concerns. Philips instructed users to immediately stop using the recalled devices because they could be causing them to inhale toxic chemicals.

The nature and circumstances of the recall have plaintiffs’ speculating on whether former users of the recalled devices will have viable claims in a CPAP product liability lawsuit. The success of future CPAP recall lawsuits will depend on 2 factors: (1) the extent of Philip’s liability which will be driven by what they knew and when; and (2) the scientific evidence linking the defect in the CPAP devices to specific health consequences. In this post, I focus specifically on the first factor – what did Philips know and when?

Philips Knew or Should Have Known About the CPAP Defects

If you have suffered a serious ear injury because of the negligence of someone else, you want to know the potential settlement amount of our case.

This page helps you better understand the range of potential settlement compensation payouts for your ear injury claim.

Age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of vision loss in the U.S. It happens when the macula region in the eyes deteriorates as we age.

Recent studies have shown that some cases of macular degeneration may actually be caused by prolonged use of the prescription drug Elmiron for bladder conditions. Approximately 350 Elmiron lawsuits have been filed in the MDL class action seeking damages for eye injuries.

Macular Degeneration