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Anytime you are involved in a significant car accident, or even just a minor fender bender, it is always a good idea to seek medical attention. Even if you don’t feel any pain or discomfort right away, you might be in major pain an hour later. In this post, we will examine the question of whether accident victims should go to the hospital emergency room …. Or a local urgent care facility for treatment after a car accident.

The ER is Better for More Serious Injuries

If you suffer serious or life-threatening injuries in the car accident, you should always go to the emergency room rather than an urgent care center. Emergency rooms are specifically equipped to handle critical situations such as severe burns, major fractures, traumatic injuries, uncontrolled bleeding, and respiratory distress. For less severe injuries or symptoms resulting from a car accident, urgent care is a viable choice. Even if you do not feel an urgent need for medical attention due to the rush of adrenaline post-accident, it is advisable to visit urgent care to ensure any hidden injuries are addressed. Obtaining medical documentation promptly is essential for insurance purposes and potential personal injury claims if injuries have been sustained.

Injuries affecting the brain stem can have devastating consequences, leading to the loss of motor skills, cognitive function, intense pain, and even fatalities. Regrettably, the repercussions don’t solely end there. A brain stem injury can profoundly impact not just physical and mental health but also one’s financial stability. Should you or a family member suffer a brain stem injury due to another party’s negligence, you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking damages.

The idea of pursuing legal action after a severe brain stem injury can feel overwhelming. Such injuries can occur in various scenarios, including car accidents, hazardous work environments, or due to the use of faulty products. Our brain injury attorneys have a track record of securing maximum compensation and holding accountable those responsible for negligence across diverse personal injury cases. Our team offers a complimentary consultation for those seeking guidance.

About Brain Stem Injuries 

An invisible danger often lurks in the air at construction sites —silica dust. Its fine particles, when inhaled over prolonged periods, embed themselves deep into the lungs, setting the stage for a debilitating condition known as silicosis. This progressive lung disease doesn’t just rob an individual of their breath but can radically transform their life, subjecting them to a myriad of medical treatments, financial strain, and emotional distress. This page will look at silicosis lawsuits.


Silicosis, a debilitating lung disease resulting from the inhalation of silica dust, has long been a scourge of industries such as mining, construction, and foundry work. This potentially fatal condition, characterized by lung inflammation and scarring, has paved the way for a myriad of legal battles as affected workers seek justice for the negligence or oversight of employers.

The Maryland legislature is considering a new law to retroactively lift the statute of limitations on civil lawsuits for child sexual abuse. If enacted, the law would enable thousands of childhood victims the ability to bring civil sex abuse lawsuits against their abusers and/or institutions such as churches or schools that failed to protect them.

Our Maryland sex abuse attorneys fight for justice on behalf of abuse victims. We are currently seeking cases from individuals who were sexually abused or assaulted as children.

You can call any of our sexual assault lawyers at 800-553-8082 for a confidential discussion of your case and your options. You can also complete this simple online form.

New scientific research has linked cow-milk-based infant formulas such as Similac and Enfamil to a dangerous neonatal medical condition known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). A growing number of parents of infants who were fed with these I baby formulas and subsequently developed NEC are filing NEC formula lawsuits against the manufacturers (Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson Nutrition Co.). The lawsuits allege that Abbott and Meade had a duty to warn about the risks of NEC and their baby formula products, but deliberately failed to include any such warning while continuing to market their products as safe.

Example of a Recent NEC Infant Formula Lawsuit

The case of Grosshuhesch, et al. v. Mead Johnson Nutrition Company, et al., is one of the many Enfamil NEC infant formula lawsuits filed over the last half of 2021. The plaintiff, Abigail Grosshuhesch, brought the lawsuit on behalf of herself and on behalf of her deceased daughter, Isabella. Their Complaint was originally filed in Illinois State court against Mead Johnson Nutrition Company. On November 19, 2021, however, Mead Johnson removed the case to federal court (Southern District of Illinois).

Sexual assault or sexual abuse victims can bring a personal injury lawsuit in civil court against the perpetrator. Sexual assault lawsuits can also be brought against third parties such as schools, employers, churches, etc., if their negligence allowed the assault or abuse to occur. In this post we will explain how civil lawsuits for sexual assault work and how the differ from criminal proceedings.

Civil Lawsuits and Damages for Sexual Assault

Sexual assault or abuse is a serious crime and perpetrators can face criminal charges and potentially go to prison or face alternative criminal sanctions. Unfortunately, assault victims do receive any type of restitution in criminal proceedings against the offender. Sexual assault victims can get financial compensation (damages) for the assault by filing a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator or responsible third parties.

Belviq lawsuits have been filed after the Belviq recall last year in response to fears it may cause cancer.

The defendants in the Belviq lawsuits, Arena Pharmaceuticals and Eisai, Inc., have recently filed motions to dismiss in many of these cases.

Last week we saw the first ruling in one of these motions to dismiss. Although the judge dismissed some of the plaintiff’s claims in the case, he declined to dismiss the lawsuits outright.  Plaintiff’s most significant tort claims were untouched.