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If you have been hurt or a loved one has been killed in a traffic collision or malpractice case, Baltimore is a very good place to bring your claim if you want full compensation for the harm that has been done. Our firm is located in Baltimore and a large percentage of the cases our law firm handles are in Baltimore City. We regularly settle scores of accident and medical malpractice cases in this jurisdiction ever year. We are rarely required to go to trial in Baltimore to get our cases resolved because the majority of our cases result in an out-of-court settlement. But sometimes we do. When we do take a case to trial, we are looking to ring the bell. Loudly. Our last verdict in Baltimore City was last year when a jury awarded our client $5.2 million.


Why do most of our cases settle? Certainly, we think our reputation as Baltimore injury attorneys who get large verdicts when the insurance companies will not make a generous settlement offer has something to do with it. When you have a history of winning cases, it makes insurance companies pay attention. But the jurisdiction is important, too. Unlike some Maryland counties, juries downtown are more likely to make awards that are commensurate with Plaintiffs’ injuries.

In fact, Charm City's reputation as a good place to try a case for Plaintiffs is well-known enough that the American Tort Reform Association (a pro business group that wants to limit tort lawsuits) named our city to its “Judicial Hellhole” watch list. They pointed to "high verdicts" in lead paint, asbestos, and health care providers negligence cases. What they call "high" is what we believe to be "fair."

Demographics of a Baltimore Jury

Client Testimonials

I refer all of my serious injury cases in Maryland to Miller & Zois because they turn over every last stone to maximize the value of their case. The last case I referred to them settled for $1.2 million.

As former insurance defense lawyers, Miller & Zois “know the other side’s playbook.

When I was injured, I went to see a doctor who referred me to Miller & Zois. They took great care of me and got me a better settlement than I expected.

Our city is an independent incorporated municipality that is surrounded on all sides by Baltimore County. It is a large, urban area with a population of 620,961 according to the 2010 Census. In terms of racial/ethnic demographics, as a percentage of population, census data shows the following:

African-American/Black: 63.74%
American Indian/Alaska native: 0.37%
Asian: 2.34%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.04%
“Other”: 1.82%
Hispanic/Latino: 2.09%
White: 29.60%
Persons of two or more races: 2.09%

The average per capita income is $23,333 and the median household income is $39,386. 49.8% of Baltimore residents are homeowners, with the median value of owner-occupied homes being $160,400. 21.3% of "Charm City" residents tragically live below the poverty line.

The American Community Survey’s 2006-2010 Five Year Estimate for the highest level of education attained shows that for Baltimoreans over 25 years old:

4.4% did not complete the 9th grade
7.8% reached 9th through 12th grade, but did not receive a diploma
26.4% graduated from high school or earned a G.E.D
19.3% attended some college, but did not earn a degree
6.3% hold an Associate’s Degree
19.8% hold a Bachelor’s Degree
16.0% hold a Graduate or Professional degree

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Baltimore City Circuit Court

The Circuit Court for Baltimore City is one of the largest in the state, with 33 judges. The bench is very diverse and has a reputation for competence. Although the court has a very crowded docket, civil trials in Maryland's biggest city usually go to trial as scheduled (unlike many counties in Maryland), and the court is very active in using Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures such as mediation and court-ordered settlement conferences to try to get cases settled before trial. Although the court’s facilities are antiquated (the courthouses pre-date the telephone), the basic technology lawyers need is available, such as Wi-Fi internet and audiovisual equipment.

While jury service downtown is a unique burden (the accommodations are insufficient, the pay is remarkably low, the courthouse lacks on-site parking and jurors typically get called too often - every 18 months), the jurors view the process with an admirable seriousness and they typically work hard to arrive at a result that fairly compensates the Plaintiff’s injuries.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed and you want fair compensation, we can help you stand up for you rights and get you the compensation you deserve for your pain, suffering and agony that the insurance company does not even try to understand. Call us at 410-553-6000 or get for a free online consultation.

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Jury Verdicts baltimore injury lawyer

This is a sampling of recent jury verdicts and settlements in Baltimore City from analysis of various sources, including our own cases. Due to the lack of scientific methodology (and maybe our pro-injury victim bias) these should not be viewed as a representative sampling of all jury verdicts.

We also include below some of our big verdicts and settlements in Baltimore. You should believe that these verdicts predict success in any case we might take in the future. Still, this is valuable information we give because we think that are useful in helping Baltimore personal injury lawyers understand the value of their client's case and because, if you are a victim, it may give you a better idea of the range of jury awards for the loss of a life and/or pain and suffering.

  • 2014: $5.2 Million Verdict. Our client, a 49 year old man is badly injured while at work when an automatic gate thrusts into the air, trapping him and twisting his knee. He is taken to the emergency room where he is seen and treated by an ER doctor and a physician's assistant. He is diagnosed with a sprain and discharged after approximately two hours, having undergone only a series of X-rays. It is later discovered that the PA suspected a knee dislocation, but never told the supervising doctor. Our client goes home only to return two days later with any injury and needs an above the knee amputation. We filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging a failure to rule out an injury to the popliteal artery. Had proper testing been performed in the emergency room, Plaintiff's leg would have survived. Even the Defendants probably believed this by the end of the trial. Still, their lawyers argued that our client is at fault for failing to provide them with an adequate history in order for them to suspect a knee dislocation. Defendants further allege that the injury to Plaintiff's popliteal artery occurred after he was discharged. A jury sees through the Defendants' ridiculous allegations and award $5.2 million dollars. The award is broken down by $216,000 for past medical bills, $601,000 for further prosthesis, $667,000 for further lost wages, $35,000 in lost household services, and $3,700,000 in pain and suffering. Miller & Zois handled this Baltimore City Circuit Court case.

  • 2013: $1.38 Million Verdict. Plaintiff files suit against the surgeon and hospital after a surgery to repair a hernia leaves her with permanent medical issues. Plaintiff initially presented to Defendant Carroll Hospital for the repair of a paraesophageal hernia. More than ten surgeries later, she is left with a permanent hernia. At one point, Plaintiff was unable to eat normally, and lost 60 pounds. She was put on a feeding tube as she was too weak for the next surgery. During one of the subsequent surgeries, it was discovered that the mesh used to close a hole had eroded into her esophagus. Plaintiff now wears a special girdle, as some of her intestines and organs push up on her abdominal incision, and she is unable to bend over or lift more than five pounds. Amongst other allegations, Plaintiff's alleged that she was not properly advised of the surgical measures being taken and the associated risks. While the jury returned a verdict in favor of the Defendant as to the informed consent claim, they found for the Plaintiff as to the claim of negligence in her medical treatment. She was awarded $1,384,339.16 which included $750,000 in non-economic damages; her husband was awarded another $750,000 on the consortium loss claim.

  • 2013: $1.42 Million Verdict. Pregnant Plaintiff goes to her doctor for an ultrasound which showed an ovarian cyst. During surgery to remove cyst, the doctor removes Plaintiff’s right ovary and fallopian tube. She sues the doctor when, after years of pain, she learns that the wrong ovary has been removed. Plaintiff’s lawsuit contends the doctor knew of the mistake and chose not to tell the Plaintiff.

  • 2012: $1,000,000 Settlement. A mother is a pedestrian pushing our client, her 14 month-old son, in a stroller on the sidewalk and is struck and killed by truck that overshot its U-turn. The child is uninjured. Some witnesses say when the truck was coming at her she pushed her child to safety before her life was taken. There was no offer before we filed suit. The accident occurred in the county but we fought for and won venue downtown. The case resolved shortly after that victory for Allstate’s policy limits. Miller & Zois also handled this case.

  • 2012: $390,000 Settlement. Plaintiff is traveling on a motorcycle on 795, taking the ramp on to the 695 Beltway. A construction truck utilizes the emergency cut through and pulled into client’s lane. Plaintiff fractures his elbow and his hip and has severe road rash. Miller & Zois also handled this case.

  • 2012: $7,079,064 Verdict. Plaintiff, a 31-year-old roofer is operating a truck on the Beltway when he is rear-ended by the Defendant. Plaintiff suffers a back injury in the wreck that renders him unable to work. The jury awards over $1.8 million in lost income and $175,000 in medical bills.

  • 2012: $760,000 Wrongful Death Verdict. This wrongful death motor vehicle crash on Calvert Street earned national attention because Progressive fought the case as opposed to tendering their $100,000 uninsured motorist policy when many felt that the insurance company should have just paid their policy.

  • 2012: $3,505,000 Wrongful Death Verdict. A 27 year-old gym teacher’s family sues after he is struck and killed by police involved in a motorcycle chase. The verdict is reduced to $200,000 by the criminally unfair Maryland Tort Claims Act.

  • 2012: $21,000,000 Verdict. A Glen Burnie couple allege in their lawsuit that their son’s doctors at Johns Hopkins should have performed a Caesarean section instead of a prolonged vaginal birth that lead to oxygen deprivation and cerebral palsy.

  • 2012: $55,000 Settlement. A 14 year-old girl with cerebral palsy is despicably taunted and attacked at Calverton Middle School. She tragically loses an eye. Plaintiff’s files suit against the school system for negligently failing to supervise. The school agreed to settle this tragic case

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