Moot Court Examples for Students

Our lawyers provide here hundreds of resources on this page to help moot court and litigation process students. If you cannot find what you are looking for below, we may still have it. Use the search feature on the upper right-hand top of the page.

If there is something you want that we do not have online, let us know.

Opening Statement

Direct Examination

Cross Examination

Pattern Jury Instructions

Sample Closing Argument

Sample Verdict Sheets and Jury Instructions

  • Sample Verdict Sheet (in a civil moot court trial, this is the verdict sheet the jury fill out to determine what award, if any, should be given)
  • Sample Jury Instructions (instruction of law to the jury, read aloud by the judge in most jurisdictions)

Litigation Process/Moot Court Samplesinterrogatories

  • Sample Motions – Collection of motions filed by our attorneys on behalf of our personal injury clients in Maryland.
  • Sample Discovery – Examples of interrogatories, depositions, designation of experts, request for admissions, and request for production of documents.
  • Sample Pleadings – Examples of complaints, answers, and expert designations.
  • Trial Transcript – real view of what happens during a trial (civil trial)
  • The O.J. Trial Transcript (long and painful but still very useful if you have a criminal moot court case)
  • Sample Motions in Limine – examples of motions in limine filed by our attorneys which are of use in moot court competitions
  • Miscellaneous Materials for the Personal Injury Lawyer – this is helpful for both litigation process students and paralegals looking for sample forms and letters for class exercises.

What Is Moot Court?

Moot court is a mock trial or mock litigation where competitors take a legal fact pattern and take the role of lawyers.  The competition is usually graded by lawyers or judges who determine which party made the most effective arguments that were available.

How Do You Prepare for Moot Court?

The best thing to do to prepare for moot court is to practice and videotape your presentation.  Moot court students often do not appreciate how they appear.

What Is the Most Common Moot Court Mistake?

The most common moot court mistake, for lack of a better expression, is being a robot.  This goes back to the advice about videotaping your moot court practice sessions.  Lawyers have to be human beings.  They have to look people in the eye, talk like they are not reading off note cards, and actually listen and respond to what the witnesses a
nd the judges say.

More Moot Court Information and Links

  • Moot Court Resources (provided by the University of Maryland)
  • More Resources (University of Oklahoma)
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