Moot Court Samples

Samples for Moot Court and Litigation Process Students

Trial MaterialsOpening StatementDirect Examination Cross ExaminationPattern Jury InstructionsSample Closing ArugumentSample Verdict Sheets and Jury Instructions
  • Sample Verdict Sheet (in a civil moot court trial, this is the verdict sheet the jury fill out to determine what award, if any, should be given)
  • Sample Jury Instructions (instruction of law to the jury, read aloud by the judge in most jurisdictions)
Litigation Process/Moot Court Samplesinterrogatories
  • Sample Motions - Collection of motions filed by our attorneys on behalf of our personal injury clients in Maryland.
  • Sample Discovery - Examples of interrogatories, depositions, designation of experts, request for admissions, and request for production of documents.
  • Sample Pleadings - Examples of complaints, answers, and expert designations.
  • Trial Transcript - real view of what happens during a trial (civil trial)
  • The O.J. Trial Transcript (long and painful but still very useful if you have a criminal moot court case)
  • Sample Motions in Limine - examples of motions in limine filed by our attorneys which are absolutely of use in moot court competitions
  • Miscellaneous Materials for the Personal Injury Lawyer - this is helpful for both litigation process students and paralegals looking for sample forms and letters for class exercises.
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