Sample Geico Interrogatories

(interrogatories propounded by GEICO)

Get example verdicts and settlements in car, truck and motorcycle crash cases involving GEICO Insurance.
  1. State your full name, address, employer's address, date and place of birth, Social Security Number, marital status, maiden name, if married female, and any other names or aliases which you have used.
  2. Give the names, occupations, and last known home and business addresses of all persons known to you or your attorneys who were eyewitnesses to the accident complained of and state the location of each said eyewitness at the time of the accident occurred so far as is known to you or your attorneys.
  3. Give an itemized statement of all charges, expenses and losses (including property damage, if applicable) allegedly paid or incurred by you for which you intend to make claim as a result of this occurrence, to include which of said charges, expenses and losses have been paid, indicating when and by whom, including the name of your auto insurance carrier at the time of the collision and the applicable policy number. Attach to your Answers all documents you base your claim for the above expenses.
  4. State the names and addresses of all physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, hospitals or experts whom you have consulted with respect to either the happening of the accident or the injuries sustained with the dates and nature of such consultations, examinations and treatments, including which of said physicians, if any, are presently treating you and attach to your Answers copies of all written reports received by you from any such physician, hospital or expert whom you propose to call as a witness.
  5. State in detail the nature and location of any bodily injury sustained by you and any present complaints which you have and any activities which you are now unable to perform as a result of the occurrence, including which of said injuries, if any, you contend are permanent and to what extent.
  6. List all prior or subsequent accidents of any kind (other than this occurrence) in which you have been involved, and sustained injuries, giving the dates of each such accident, the location of the occurrences, the injuries sustained, the names and addresses of the parties involved, stating the names and addresses of all physicians, hospitals and institutions which examined and treated you for each of the injuries and the dates and nature of all such examinations or treatments. Attach to your answers copies of all medical records perpetrated as a result of your being treated for any prior or subsequent injuries.
  7. Did you lose any time from your employment or occupation as a result of the injuries sustained in the occurrence? If so, state the precise dates of absence, explaining why, the amount of wages or earnings lost as a result of the accident, the date you returned to work, for whom, giving the date of return and at what wage. Attach to your Answers all documents upon which you support your claim for lost wages.
  8. State whether you consumed any alcoholic beverages, medication or drugs within eight (8) hours prior to said occurrence, the places where such alcoholic beverages, medication or drugs, were obtained or taken and the nature of the amount thereof.
  9. State whether you have ever been convicted of any crimes other than minor traffic violations, and if so, give the date(s) and nature of such crimes, the sentence imposed and Courts and locations thereof.
  10. State the names and addresses of all persons who have given you signed, oral or recorded statements, photographs or diagrams concerning the occurrence, and if the Defendant gave or made a statement set forth the exact statement. If photos exist, please state what they show.
  11. State your itinerary, including the time and place of the beginning of the trip, the time and duration of each stop, and place of destination, and expected time of arrival.
  12. Give a concise statement of the facts as to how you contend that the occurrence took place, including in detail the respective speeds, positions, directions and locations of the vehicles involved during the approach to, at the time of, and immediately after the collision, and state the facts upon which you allege this Defendant was negligent.
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  14. State the names and addresses of any person or persons, not heretofore mentioned, who have personal knowledge of facts material to the cause or circumstances concerning the happening of the occurrence and the injuries, losses and damages allegedly sustained in the occurrence.
  15. State whether you have ever had or suffered from any disease, sickness, disability prior to the occurrence, or whether you had, prior to the occurrence, complaints of pain, discomfort or symptoms to those part of the body alleged to have been injured in this occurrence, and if so, give the dates of each such conditions and the names and addresses of the physicians and hospitals who examined or treated you for such conditions, giving the dates and nature of all such examinations and treatments.
  16. State which of the persons named in Answers are known to or related to you and the extent and character of the acquaintanceship or nature of the relationship.
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