Example Pretrial Documents for Plaintiff’s Lawyers

Before you get to trial, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.  Below is a list of sample documents to make your pretrial job a lot easier.

You Win Personal Injury Cases in Pre-Trial Discovery

Approximately 97% of all civil cases are resolved without a trial. You often win personal injury cases in the work you do before trial. These samples, articles, and strategy tips will help you put your claim in a position to win long before you get to the trial table. Looking at it differently, plaintiffs’ lawyers must prove their liability and damages cases in discovery to sell the insurance company on the value of the claim.

In cases that do go to trial, the strategic choices you make in discovery and the extent to which you prepared your case are critical in getting the best possible result.  Even the best lawyers have regrets at trial for the things that they did or did not do in discovery.  You win cases by putting yourself in a position to win at the settlement table or at trial.

Why We Provide This to Lawyers

We provide all of these free pre-trial document examples to you to put you in a position to maximize the value of your client’s claim. Plaintiffs’ lawyers are all in this together.  We need to help each other to put our clients in a position to achieve justice.

Our hope is to give you the information and knowledge to streamline your efforts, so you are doing what needs to be done and avoiding creating unnecessary work for yourself.  The reality is a plaintiff’s attorney could spend an infinite amount of time on discovery in a single case, given how broad our discovery parameters are.  We need to climb on each other shoulders to get the best possible outcome for our clients.

Some of these materials are educational from the perspective of how to conduct discovery.  Reading a well-done deposition of a defendant in a car accident case is a great tool for learning how to take that same deposition in your case.  But some of these materials are simple forms you can cut and paste from that will make your job easier.  No one should be drafting a car accident or even a medical malpractice complaint entirely from scratch.

  • Trial materials: if your case does not settle, you need to switch quickly from pre-trial to trial mode.  We arm you with the weapons to facilitate preparing for trial and trying your case.
  • Before you take your case to trial, you should know the settlement value of your claim.  Let us help you figure out the real value of your client’s case.
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