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This is a very basic letter of representation to the insurance company or company that you are representing the personal injury victim in a motor vehicle accident case. You could send this same representation letter to opposing counsel.

This website has everything you need to put together a personal injury case. You can find more sample letters and sample forms to put your claim together.  You might also find of interest our breakdown of the insurance company you are dealing with in your case. It is all free, we just want to help!

You may also need to send out a spoliation letter if you believe that the defendant or the insurance company has evidence that must be preserved. You can also combine your attorney representation letter with your spoliation notice.

Sample attorney representation letter

February 12, 2024

Ms. Leslie Jones
One GEICO Boulevard
Fredericksburg, VA 22412-0002

Our Client:
Your Insured:
Date of Accident:

Dear Ms. Jones:

Please be advised that this office represents the above-named individual for the broken leg, fractured wrist, occipital, and other injuries sustained as a result of an automobile accident with your insured. Your client ran a red light with multiple witnesses, including a Baltimore City police officer who arrested your client on suspicion of drunk driving. I do not suspect you will dispute responsibility.

I will forward to you medical bills and reports for my client as soon as they become available. We will keep you posted on significant treatment developments.

Also, please inform me of the policy limit on your insured’s vehicle and let me know of any other applicable insurance coverages that might pertain to this claim. I have a concern that this is a policy limits case.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or Justin Zuber, another Miller & Zois attorney who will be working on this claim.

Very truly yours,

Ronald V. Miller, Jr.

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What is an attorney representation letter in a personal injury case?

An attorney letter of representation is correspondence, usually a letter, sent by the victim’s attorney to the defendant or an insurance company advising that an attorney represents the victim. The purpose of a representation letter is to make the opposing party aware that counsel represents your client.

What should be in a lawyer’s representation letter to an insurance company?

When you write a representation letter to the insurance company in a personal injury, you notice should make clear

  1. \the attorney and paralegal taking the lead on the case
  2. the scope of the injuries to give the adjuster the ability to set early reserves on the case, and
  3. you want to immediately know the insurance policy limits.

When should you notify the insurance company that the victim is represented by an attorney?

Our law firm gets out a notice of representation letter the moment we begin to represent the client. You do not want the insurance company communicating with your client because there is always a fear the client will divulge information that could compromise the case.

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