Maryland Law Update | Personal Injury Cases

Tort law in Maryland is constantly evolving. This area of the Help Center is designed to educate both our clients and other attorneys about recent evolution in our law. If you are handling civil claims in Maryland, you should know these cases.

There is more to update for 2016. We are just four years behind in pulling the blog posts over from the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog. (Update: I've made a little progress!)  But you can check out that blog for a summary of almost every major Maryland appellate case involving a personal injury claim. 

maryland law update

Swartzbaugh v. Encompass: Maryland High Court's 2012 Uninsured Motorist Opinion

Dow v. L & R Props., 144 Md. App. 67 (2002)

Summary of Davis v. Maute: Big Case on the Introduction of Pictures of the Car at Trial

Suicide and Life Insurance in Maryland

Where in Maryland Should I File My Lawsuit?

Myers v. Bright | Can You Bring Lawsuit If You Were Speeding?

Lai v. Sagle | What This Malpractice Case Means

Foreseeability in Maryland Tort Cases

Maryland Rear End Accident Claims

Mason v. Lynch, 388 Md. 37, 878 A.2d 588 (2005)

Bangeura v. Taylor, 312 Md. 609, 624 (1988)

Spoliation of Evidence in Maryland

Stearman v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co ., 381 Md. 436 (2004)

Maryland Accident Lawyer Summary of Schuler v. Erie Insurance Exchange, 81 Md. App. 499 (1990)

Maryland Accident Lawyer Analysis of Fry v. Carter, 375 Md. 341 (2003)

Maryland Accident Lawyer Analysis of Monongahela R. Co. v. Black, 235 F.2d 406 (4th Cir. 1956)

Maryland Malpractice Rule on How Often an Expert Can Testify

Maryland Booster Seat Law

Definition of Prima Facie

Getting Compensation for Your Lost Wages

Guilty Pleas and Civil Auto Accident Cases

Judge Howard Chasanow

Market Share Liability in Maryland

Maryland Court of Appeals

Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Origin of the Collateral Source Rule in Maryland

Summary and Analysis of Heffner v. Admiral Taxi Serv., 196 Md. 465, 77 A.2d 127 (1950)

Sample Amicus Appellete Brief: Boulevard Rule

Spoliation of Evidence in Truck Accident and Car Accident Cases

Summary of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. v. Webb

Respondeat Superior

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