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The first selection above provides sample personal injury lawsuits from this website which is consistent with the mission of this website to educate other personal injury lawyers. Today, everyone and their mother has model lawsuits on their website but it is fair to say we did it first. Anyway, as a result, we get requests for a variety of different types of sample legal complaints. Accordingly, we have decided to expand our mission just a bit and provide this resource. We don't stand by these. All we really did was just pull them off the Internet!

Above is a list of the suits filed in a variety of different types of non personal injury cases. Again, none of these were filed by our law firm. Instead, they are just a collection of different types of "lawsuit papers" that have been suggested to us or that we found from Interent searches. If the demand for this page is high, we will continued to add new complaints to it.

It is worth noting again that our firm handles serious and fatal accident, malpractice, and product liability cases in Baltimore, Maryland but we do not handle any cases that do not involve physical personal injury of any kind.

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