Sample Letter To Pay PIP or No Fault Bills

Below is a sample letter to the PIP or no-fault insurance adjuster. This is the letter you send to collect you or your client’s PIP money.

Someone writing a letterRemember that the PIP adjuster usually has a short leash by law to make payment. A primary purpose of PIP and no-fault laws are to get victims their insurance money quickly. Your state likely has a statute that requires the insurance company to pay interest if payment is not made with in a defined period. This holds true even if you were at fault for the car crash.

You will see that the PIP claim here exceeds $20,000 even though the PIP limit in this case was only $20,000. PIP adjusters like to reduce the bills and claim the health care provider charged too much. Submitting more in medical bills than they will pay eliminates this issue.

July 9, 2021

VIA FACSIMILE: 410-555-5998

Insurance Company
1 Insurance Company Lane
Insurance Companyville, IA 12345

Attn: Claims

Re Our Client: Mark Smith
Claim No.: 10568G8
Date of Accident: 1/01/2021

Dear Sir or Madam:

As you know, this office represents Mark Smith in connection with an accident which occurred on 1/01/2021. I am submitting the following bills for payment.

Provider Date of Service Amount
Johns Hopkins 1/01/2021 $6,650.00
Johns Hopkins Physicians 1/01/2021 $11,123.45
Patient First 1/03/2021 $205.00
Lost Wages 1/01/2021 – 2/01/2021 $4,222.00

Please make each draft payable to my client.

Very truly yours,
Ronald V. Miller, Jr.

Is PIP Insurance Subrogable?

PIP is only subrogable in a minority of states. Most states, including Maryland, do not allow the PIP insurer to seek repayment after the victim collects from a third party.

How Much PIP Insurance Should I Get?

From the perspective of a personal injury lawyer, the more PIP insurance the better. Ultimately, having a good PIP or no-fault policy leads to the victim putting a great deal more money in their pocket.

Can I Stop My Passengers from Bringing a PIP Claim?

You cannot stop passengers in your vehicle from bringing a PIP claim, at least not in Maryland.

Do I Have to Get PIP Insurance?

A dozen or so states that require PIP insurance. Most states allow to consumers to waive PIP coverage. But the cost of PIP is relatively small compared to the benefits you will get if you get in an accident and need medical care.

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