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Old Republic Insurance Truck Accident Cases

Our lawyers handle serious injury and wrongful death truck accident lawsuits not only in Maryland but nationwide.  This page will look at Old Republic insurance claims in truck accident cases.

Our truck accident lawyers provide a brief scouting report on Old Republic, including what to expect from them in a truck accident claim. Our attorneys also look at recent settlement amounts and jury payouts in recent truck accident lawsuits involving Old Republic insurance claims.

Old Republic is a major insurance carrier for 18-wheeler trucks. If you have an accident case involving a large semi-truck, there is a good chance that Old Republic (or a subsidiary) is the liability insurance carrier covering the claim.

Old Republic Truck Insurance

Old Republic International Corporation is one of the nation’s largest public insurance organizations. The company began in 1923. Our truck accident lawyers are interested in Old Republic because they insure many big and small trucking companies nationwide. They are the defendants’ insurance company in many truck accident injury and wrongful death cases.

This huge Fortune 500 company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Its price is at an all-time high in 2023.  This Chicago-based conglomerate has over 128 corporate entities, with 27 of them being insurance companies.

This company underwrites coverage and provides risk management services for a wide range of coverages in liability and property. They are knee-deep in mortgage guaranty, title and life, and health insurance. Workers’ compensation lawyers in Maryland often see Old Republic as a comp insurance provider.

The Old Republic General Insurance Group is the largest of the company’s business segments and offers a variety of property and casualty insurance coverage and services, primarily to commercial customers. Approximately 27.8% of the insurance services are focused on trucking. 34.2% of the insurance businesses are focused on “American Big Business,” and 25.2% are focused on “American Mid-Size Businesses.”

The specific insurance companies are:

  • BITCO Insurance Companies
  • Great West Casualty Company
  • Old Republic Accident & Health, Inc.
  • Old Republic Construction Program Group
  • Old Republic General Insurance Corporation
  • Old Republic Home Protection Company
  • Old Republic Insurance Company
  • Old Republic Professional Liability
  • Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc.
  • Old Republic Risk Management
  • Old Republic Aerospace
  • Republic Insured Credit Services, Inc.
  • Old Republic Surety Company
  • PMA Companies
  • Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada
  • Old Republic Specialty Insurance Underwriters

In addition to the insurance group, Old Republic also has a mortgage guaranty group, a title insurance group, and corporate/other operations. Old Republic Insurance Claims Contact

If you have an Old Republic insurance claim, call the company at 312-346-8100. Their headquarters is located at:

Old Republic International Corporation
307 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60601


Dealing with Old Republic on Accident Claims

Old Republic is generally very reasonable to deal with on auto accident claims. They only write commercial auto insurance, so they are more accustomed to dealing with more significant claims and higher dollar amounts. Available data on Old Republic claim settlement compensation payouts also suggests that this insurance company is willing to pay legitimate claims.

One of the best ways to evaluate how reasonable an insurer is on claims is by looking at the company’s Claims Loss Ratio. Claims Loss Ratio shows how much a company pays out on claims for every $100 of incoming revenue. The higher the ratio or percentage, the more willing a company is to pay on claims. Old Republic has a claims loss ratio of 67%. This means that for every $100 in revenues, Old Republic pays out $67 in claims. This is the 7th highest CLR in the commercial auto insurance market.

Old Republic Truck Accident Settlements and Verdicts

Below are some settlements and verdicts involving Old Republic International Corporation. There is no question that Old Republic is familiar with high-dollar verdicts and settlements in truck accident cases. (We are a little behind here; we will add more verdicts in 2021 shortly.)

  • 2022: New Jersey: $725,000 Settlement: While crossing a street in Newark at an intersection, a man was struck by a box truck traveling westbound. The truck driver, failing to yield to pedestrian traffic, hit the man, causing him to land on another vehicle. The truck, rented by Select Express and Logistics, was driven by an individual who fled the scene post-accident. The pedestrian sustained severe injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs, spinal injuries, and more, which eventually led to his demise. His estate subsequently filed a lawsuit against the truck driver, the other vehicle’s operator, and Select Express and Logistics. The case settled for $725,000, with half being paid by the other vehicle’s insurer, Geico, and the remaining half jointly covered by the truck driver and Select Express’s insurer, Old Republic Union Insurance.
  • 2020, Louisiana: $4,370,000 Verdict: A man was seriously injured when his vehicle, stationary due to traffic congestion on an interstate highway in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. He subsequently filed a lawsuit against the truck’s owner, Landstar Ranger Inc., its driver, and their insurer, Old Republic, alleging negligence on their part and seeking damages for multiple mental and physical injuries. The defendants countered by suggesting the victim had some responsibility for the accident. However, after a trial, the jury sided with the injured man, granting him a total award of $4.37 million for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • 2016, California: $800,000 Settlement. A 37-year-old man is traveling on the interstate when a semi-tractor and trailer, being driven by the defendant, is traveling in the adjacent lane. The defendant attempts to change lanes into the plaintiff’s lane and collides with him. The impact causes the man’s car to roll over, landing on its roof. As a result, the plaintiff sustained a compression fracture, disc bulges in his spine, and a concussion. The plaintiff argues that the defendant failed to see him and also failed to properly activate his turn signal, while the defendant driver argues that there were no vehicles in the lane before making the lane change and that he did activate his turn signal. Old Republic Insurance insured the defendant, who agreed to settle the case for $800,000 during a settlement conference.
  • 2016, California: $2,040,000 Verdict. A 71-year-old woman is traveling on the bus driven by a new bus driver who had never been on that route. A disabled woman using a power scooter begins to get off the bus using the disabled passenger ramp. When one of her wheels hits the ground, the scooter tips over, and the woman falls, injuring her neck and right shoulder. She claims that the driver, being unfamiliar with the bus stop, pulled too far to the right and passed the stop, so when he lowered the ramp, the ground was uneven and soft and without traction. The bus driver alleges the surface where he stopped was made of compacted gravel and dirt and was very near the designated stop. Old Republic International Corporation insured the bus. A jury found the bus company 60% liable for the woman’s injuries and the woman 40% liable. They awarded her $2,040,000, but this was reduced to $1,224,000 since the plaintiff was found 40% negligent.
  • 2016, Illinois: $6,000,000 Settlement. The plaintiff, a 57-year-old woman, is entering a supermarket when she trips on a floor mat and falls to the ground. She hits her head on a handrail and, as a result, fractures her neck. She is now paralyzed from the chest down. She sues the store, arguing that they placed a defective floor mat and created a dangerous condition, which could not be seen due to the automatic swinging door. Defendants argue that a curl on the mat did not exist during the accident, but it was obvious to everyone who passed through the entrance, even if it did. The supermarket’s insurer, Old Republic, and their excess insurer, American International, settle the case for $6,000,000.
  • Improperly Loaded Truck 2016, New York: $313,500 Verdict. An 80-year-old woman is walking on the sidewalk. She reaches an intersection and begins to cross the street. However, a truck, completing a left turn, strikes her. The woman injures her hand, head, hip, and shoulder. She sues the truck driver and the owner, alleging she was walking in the crosswalk and had the right of way. The defendants argue their truck did not hit her but that she just fell. Additionally, they argue she was not in a crosswalk. Old Republic International Corporation insured the driver and truck company. A jury found the defendants were 33% liable, and the woman was 57% liable for her injuries. Therefore, they awarded her $313,500 (33% of the damages).
  • 2015, New York: $1,750,000 Settlement. A young woman is traveling in her vehicle when she is rear-ended by the defendant’s vehicle. The collision pushes her into the rear of the vehicle in front of her, and she injures her back, neck, and shoulder. The woman sues the defendant and her employer, both insured by Old Republic International, and the defendants argue that the driver could not have avoided the collision because the plaintiff stopped suddenly to avoid a vehicle exiting a parking lot. During a pre-trial settlement conference, the parties settled, with Old Republic paying $1.75 million of its $2 million policy coverage.
  • 2014, Wisconsin: $1,235,000 Settlement. Two minor children are in a minivan being driven by their mother. They come to a stop due to traffic. However a utility truck traveling behind them fails to stop and collides with their vehicle. One of the children sustains fractures to her tibia and fibula, and the other sustains injuries to her back and jaw. The mother and her children file a claim against Old Republic Insurance, which insured the driver and the company he was working for, alleging negligence in the truck’s operation. The parties settled, with one minor child receiving $1,135,000 and the other receiving $100,000.
  • 2013, Texas: $5,000,000 Settlement. A 55-year-old construction mechanic is driving a construction truck when a tractor-trailer, traveling in the opposite direction loses control of his vehicle and collides with him. He sustains a mid-shaft femur fracture, a left femoral fracture with hematoma, a left patella fracture, and right tibia and fibula fractures. The man was hospitalized for a month, underwent several surgeries, and struggled to walk. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant driver was talking on his cell phone and that he had been working for more than twelve hours – a good recipe for a truck accident. Old Republic Insurance insured the truck driver and agreed to settle, along with the excess insurer, for $5,000,000 before trial.
  • 2012, Missouri: $3,300,000 Verdict. A man is driving when the defendant’s truck strikes him head-on and kills him. The truck driver had attempted to brake to stop for a vehicle waiting to execute a left turn in front of him but began to brake too late and skid into oncoming traffic, where he struck the plaintiff’s vehicle. Old Republic insured the tractor-trailer driven by the defendant and agreed to settle for $3,050,000, while the rest of the settlement included portions from the other insurers and the driver.
  • 2012, Louisiana: $41,480 Verdict. The plaintiff is driving his vehicle when a tractor-trailer strikes him. The tractor-trailer, driven and owned by the defendants, was attempting to back the tractor-trailer up into a shopping center driveway. Before the collision, the plaintiff stopped his vehicle and honked his horn while attempting to drive around the truck. As a result of the collision, his cervical and lumbar spine are strained. He filed a claim against the driver and truck rental company, Old Republic Insurance Company, and the defendant, disputing who was at fault for the accident and the nature of the plaintiff’s injuries. A judge awarded the plaintiff $31,500 for general damages and $9,980 for medical expenses against Old Republic Insurance Company but then reduced the award to $31,110 due to the plaintiff’s 25% comparative fault. Do judges give as much money as jurors do? It depends on the jurisdiction, but our truck accident lawyers almost always prefer a jury to a bench trial.
  • 2011, Washington: $525,000 Settlement. A 49-year-old man is driving his Toyota 4Runner when a semi-tractor trailer attempts to make a left-hand turn onto the same road. However, the driver cuts the corner too close, and the left side of his trailer collides with the front side of the plaintiff’s vehicle. The man’s knees strike the console, and he hurts his lower back. He sues the driver, alleging negligence for inattention. His lawyer also argues that the street was closed to trucks, but the truck driver took the route anyway as a shortcut. (Our lawyers a seven-figure verdict for our client focusing on this issue.) During a second mediation session, the truck’s insurer, Old Republic, agreed to settle the case for $525,000.
  • 2010, California: $4,100,000 Settlement. A 49-year-old woman is driving her vehicle when a truck, operated by defendants and insured by Old Republic, is traveling in the opposite direction. The truck then crosses the center of the road and strikes the plaintiff’s vehicle. The driver argues that he struck the plaintiff’s vehicle to avoid striking another vehicle attempting to make a left turn from the center lane and that he was driving under the speed limit when the accident occurred. A police report found that the vehicle turning from the center lane was the sole cause of the accident. As a result, the plaintiff had a right tibia-fibular fracture, a left patella fracture, and bilateral calcaneus and cuboid fractures requiring surgeries. Two years later, she has bilateral above-the-knee amputation related to the truck crash. The parties settle for the $4 million policy limits in addition to the $100,000 settlement the plaintiff made with the other vehicle’s driver.
  • 2010, California: $1,850,000 Settlement. A woman is traveling with her minor son and minor daughter as passengers. A milk truck is traveling on a road that intersects the woman’s path of travel but fails to stop. The woman’s car goes under the trailer, ripping off the top of her vehicle. She is transported to the hospital but dies shortly after. Her family hires a truck accident lawyer and brought a claim alleging that the truck should not have attempted to cross the intersection due to the weather conditions. The driver argues that he rolled down his window to check for traffic and then attempted to cross the intersection even though he could not see. The two insurers for the trucking company, National Union Fire Insurance and Old Republic Insurance Company, agreed to settle the case for $1,850,000.
  • 2010, Missouri: $900,000 Verdict. A 35-year-old man is waiting for a bus on his way to work when a tractor-trailer, insured by Old Republic Insurance, drives by. The trailer detaches, strikes a tree, and then hits the man. The collision rips some skin off the man’s leg, and he is hospitalized for three days. A jury awards him $900,000.
  • 2010, New Jersey: $4,000,000 Settlement. A 28-year-old is riding his motorcycle when a truck executes a left turn in front of him. The motorcycle driver cannot stop, hits the truck, and is thrown off his motorcycle. The man has many surgeries, including screw placements and plates in his pelvis, open reduction and internal fixation of mandible fractures, resection of fragments in his left big toe, and other screw placements. He lost two teeth as well. After being in the hospital for over a week, he is transferred to an in-patient rehabilitation facility for ten days. He settles with Old Republic Insurance Company, the truck driver’s insurer and company, for $4,000,000 during mediation.
  • 2009, Pennsylvania: $4,200,000 Settlement. A 35-year-old is at work and operating a stick boom aerial lift. While operating it, he accidentally touches the drive/steer controller, making the lift bolt forward. The man is then pinned between a steel beam and has the control panel pushed into his chest. The lift allegedly rams into his midsection multiple times until another foreman hits the emergency stop on the machine. The man has been in a coma for over a month, diagnosed with spinal fractures, a significant colon injury, and deep vein thrombosis. When he is discharged, he is only able to move with help. He sues the manufacturers of the machine and the company who leased the lift as well. Old Republic Insurance insured the leasing company. Both defendants settled the case for $4,200,000 before trial.
  • 2009, Georgia: $100,722 Verdict. The plaintiff is stopped in traffic on the Interstate when the defendant’s truck strikes him in the rear. Old Republic Insurance insured the company the truck driver was working for, and the court ordered the man to recover $100,722.59 from the company and the insurance company.
  • 2009, Virginia: $50,000 Settlement. The plaintiff is driving a truck along a two-way road when the defendant, traveling in the opposite direction, drifts across the center line and strikes his vehicle. The man has significant orthopedic injuries as a result. The defendant driver was uninsured and driving a rental car insured by Old Republic. Old Republic offered their policy limits of $25,000, and GEICO, the man’s personal liability carrier, also offered $25,000. The parties settled for a combined total of $50,000.
  • 2008, New Jersey: $550,000 Verdict. A 28-year-old is shopping when a vertical pole attached to her shopping cart strikes a hanging sign. The sign is knocked down and strikes the woman on the head, knocking her over. She undergoes physical therapy for three months due to a spinal herniation and has a discectomy followed by pain management treatments. She claims against the store, arguing that they hung the “dangerously low” sign, causing her accident. Old Republic Insurance insured the story, and summary judgment was granted for the plaintiff. She was awarded $550,000 in damages.

 Is Old Republic Reasonable to Deal with on Commercial Auto Claims?

Old Republic tends to be very reasonable when negotiating commercial auto insurance claims. Among commercial auto insurance carriers, Old Republic has the 7th highest Claims Loss Ratio, which means they pay out the 7th most on claims vs. incoming revenue.


What Is the Average Limit for Old Republic Commercial Auto Insurance Policies?

Most commercial auto liability policies written by Old Republic have a coverage limit of $1 million. This is the minimum amount of liability insurance required for commercial trucking vehicles. But this is rarely enough coverage in death cases, and larger companies typically have more significant coverage limits.

Does Old Republic Have Personal Auto Insurance?

No. Old Republic does not write auto insurance for personal or consumer drivers. Old Republic only writes commercial auto insurance policies. The company is one of the top 10 commercial auto insurance carriers in the U.S.

What Big Trucking Companies Does Old Republic Insure?

Old Republic provides commercial auto liability insurance for many major trucking and transportation companies. The biggest trucking company currently insured by Old Republic is Schneider Transportation.

Contact Our Truck Accident Lawyers About Old Republic Insurance Claims

The truck accident lawyers at Miller & Zois have handled many truck accident serious injury and wrongful death cases. Our focus is Maryland,d but we handle truck accident injury and death cases throughout the United States.

Our attorneys have a history of getting results, which you can see by clicking on the verdicts and settlements bar at the top of this page. We also know how top-pressure insurance companies like Old Republic maximize the value of these cases. If you have been suffered after a truck accident, please call us at 800-553-8082 or get a free evaluation online.

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