Consent to Joint Representation

I, Rachel Facey, acknowledge that the law firm of Miller & Zois and Jamie Johnson will be jointly representing me in my personal injury claim. I also understand that I will not be charged any additional legal fees nor will I incur any additional expenses due to the fact that two law firms are jointly representing me in my claim and I consent to this representation and fee split agreement. I understand that the overall attorneys fees will be divided between the two law firms or lawyers with the law firm of Miller & Zois receiving 2/3 of the overall fee and Mr. Johnson to receive 1/3 of the overall fee.

Rachel Facey

Why We Provide This SampleBalt Court

Typically, from the client's perspective, two lawyers - or 3, 4, or 5 lawyers - is better than one so long as the client is still paying the same contingency fee. Usually, this benefits the client because the existing lawyer is bringing along more experienced counsel in that particular area of the law.

But in Maryland, and we believe most states, this arrangement must be understood and approved by the client. This is the form we use to make sure we have a clear understanding with the client that we are sharing our fee with the prior attorney.

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