Sample Personal Injury Complaints


Our law firm handles exclusively tort claims. We have filed suit in virtually every possible type of personal injury claim. Below are a list of sample complaints we have filed in specific types of claims.

More About Civil Complaints and How They Work

     For non-lawyers, a civil complaint is legal document that sets a claim into motion. It must set forth at the the basic facts and legal justification for the filing of the lawsuit as well as the people or companies that the plaintiff believes is responsible for his/her injuries, setting forth the general facts that comprise the lawsuit, the legal theories, and in most jurisdictions, a specific request for monetary relief.   It also sets forth the jurisdictional basis for filing in that particular court (i.e., why the court receiving the claim is the appropriate court to hear the case.) 

     The days of form suits are long gone. A lawsuit has to be tailored to the specific facts of the claim. Lawyers need not set forth in the suit every single detail relevant to their claim.   It must, however, set forth the legal justification and all necessary legal facts to support the legal justification.

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This content was prepared by Miller & Zois attorney Ronald V. Miller, Jr.