Sports Law Quizzes

I have abandoned the giving quizzes in Sports Law because I've  figured out something about law students. They are now classically conditioned to having a single final exam.  

Personally, I am convinced this is the exactly the wrong way to teach and test all but the most self-motivated of students. When you have a final exam in December, it is hard to focus and keep up.  Law students, at least, second and third-year law students, tend to deal with what is directly in front of them.  An exam in December might as well be a test in three years. 

Even for the motivated, I think "final exam only" testing harms the best students.  First, you are leaving too much to chance.  Even Clayton Kershaw has a bad day.  The good student wants to mitigate that risk by having more bites and the apple and more testable question.  How many questions can one exam ask?  I remember taking an exam that had two questions on the entire exam  What if I messed up the material on one of those questions?  Is that a good sample size of how well you knew all the materials.  It would be like CNN taking a presidential election poll and asking three people.

So I just don't think a final only exam accurately captures student comprehension of the material.  So why do I do it?  My classes have overwhelmingly stated a preference for a final instead of intermediate testing along the way.  I'm view students as my clients.  I need to give them what they want.  You want final exams?  You are going to get them.  But I think it is a bad idea.

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