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Miller & Zois and Who We Represent

Most of the lawyers at Miller & Zois once worked for the same insurance companies we are now fighting on behalf of personal injury victims. We do not represent them anymore. In 2020, 100% of our law practice is dedicated to fighting for personal injury victims in Maryland and around the country.

We are not hired guns. We only handle cases for people we believe who have been wronged and deserve justice.

The Three Miller & Zois Missions

When we started Miller & Zois in 2002, we had just one stated mission: to use every weapon in our arsenal to maximize the financial recovery our clients receive for their injuries. Our dedication to this mission has continued to this day. It extends to every client, regardless of the magnitude of the harm caused to them. We don’t stop when we get a great settlement. We stop when we get what we think is the very best outcome our lawyers can achieve for you.

We quickly realized that there was another mission that we had to state out loud. We want our clients to know that we truly care about them as people. We need our clients to not only get as much money as possible but to walk about believing that they have a friend in the people they worked with who did everything possible for them.

Miller & Zois has an amazing staff that believes in this mission.  The firm supports our lawyers and paralegals by having the latest technology to make sure we have all the best systems of keeping abreast of our clients in the way that best works for them.  We call you and email you.  Our firm even sets up a dedicated text line for every client because so many of our clients prefer to communicate by text.  Our system automatically puts your texts into your file so we keep a handle on everything that you tell us.

Our focus is bigger than your case.  Our broader goal is to help families overcome tragedies and get their lives either back on track or in the best place they can possibly be. We treat all our clients the same, but we treat them all differently, if that contradiction makes sense. Everyone has different needs and we try to cater to your needs to best serve you.

Once we got past the start-up phase of our firm in 2002 of basically bringing in enough to keep our lights on, we realized that we wanted to be a part of leaving a legacy in our community that would last long after Miller & Zois turns off the lights for the last time. So our third mission is to make a difference in our community and for the firm to get a good citizen.

The Type of Claims We Handle

Our firm handles many different types of tort claims.  But we focus on birth injury product liability, medical malpractice, and motor vehicle accident claims.

We do not have the luxury of handling every potential victim that comes to us.  We handle only serious injury and wrongful death cases. What do we mean by serious injury? We are talking about injuries that have had a meaningful impact on the victim’s life. If you got in a motor vehicle collision and you had four weeks of physical therapy and now you are doing great, we are unlikely to take this case.  But we do in compelling circumstances. Usually, this is because you are a prior client.  This creates loyalty to you that will last when your case is long over.

Talking to Miller & Zois

If you have questions about your potential claim, give us a call at 800-553-8082.  If you want to start slower, fill out an online contact form with your questions.

Client Reviews
They quite literally worked as hard as if not harder than the doctors to save our lives. Terry Waldron
Ron helped me find a clear path that ended with my foot healing and a settlement that was much more than I hope for. Aaron Johnson
Hopefully I won't need it again but if I do, I have definitely found my lawyer for life and I would definitely recommend this office to anyone! Bridget Stevens
The last case I referred to them settled for $1.2 million. John Selinger
I am so grateful that I was lucky to pick Miller & Zois. Maggie Lauer
The entire team from the intake Samantha to the lawyer himself (Ron Miller) has been really approachable. Suzette Allen
The case settled and I got a lot more money than I expected. Ron even fought to reduce how much I owed in medical bills so I could get an even larger settlement. Nchedo Idahosa
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