Construction Fall Accidents

Construction Fall Lawsuits

Construction slip and fall accidents cause some of the most serious injuries in the workplace. Construction often involves extreme heights which puts workers at risk with the utmost care. Extreme care is required by not only the worker himself but to those in and around a job site.

Cause of Construction Falls

Apart from worker error, there are many reasons for accident contruction falls. Defective ladders, scaffolds, and forklifts, falling equipment, and co-worker error can also cause falls that lead to serious injuries on a job site.

Employee or Employer Error Causing Falls

Employers are to blame for many construction accidents in Maryland. Sometimes, the employee himself (or herself) causes the injury. The claims brought in these construction slip and fall cases are brought under the Maryland Workers Compensation statute. But, often, there a non-employer also responsible for an employee's on the job injuries. On the job accident claims can be both workers' compensation claims and also third party claims against a negligent defendant.

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