Professor Miller's University of Baltimore School of Law Students

Professor Miller has been an adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law since 1997. He presently instructs in both insurance and sports law.

  • Insurance Law - A study of contracts of insurance, including life, health, property, accident, and liability; interpretation of insurance contracts; conditions precedent; representations; warranties; terms; conditions; coverages; insurable interests; rights of beneficiaries; exemptions; excess liabilities; waiver and estoppel; subrogation; controls on the insurance industry; procedural and evidentiary aspects, including pleadings, declaratory judgments, interpleaders, and joint tort-feasor releases. The course gives a special focus to Maryland insurance law, specifically insurance issues related to motor vehicle accidents. This course should prepare students to deal with fundamental insurance issues - or at least spot the issues that matter - as practicing attorneys.

  • Sports Law - This course provides a student an overview of the business and legal issues within the areas of professional and amateur sports. Specifically, but not limited to, the following: professional clubs, professional leagues, sports marketing contracts, negotiation techniques, television, sponsorship, insurance, and athletic associations. All such issues covered shall have a relationship to basic principles of law: contract, antitrust, tort, corporate, and other areas.

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