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Montgomery County Courthouse Parking and Logistics

The Circuit Court for Montgomery County in Rockville is the general jurisdiction court with authority over all major civil cases and serious criminal cases arising within the County.

Montgomery County is one of the largest counties in the U.S. The Rockville courthouse is a reflection of that size and scale. The Circuit Court for Montgomery County handles all matters that come with a right to a jury trial.

The Rockville court has 24 sitting judges and a small army of administrative staff to handle the thousands of cases that come through its doors each year.

Courthouse in Rockville

Courthouse in RockvilleMontgomery County Circuit Court
50 Maryland, Ave
Rockville, MD 20850

The Montgomery Courthouse is located on the sprawling County Government campus in downtown Rockville which runs along Jefferson Street between Maryland Ave and Monroe Street and houses both the Judicial Center and the Executive Office Building. The massive Judicial Center building is located on the west side of the campus at 50 Maryland Avenue. On the eastern side of the campus is the Executive Office Building which connects to the Judicial Center by terrace and houses the County Executive and various administrative offices.

Courthouse in RockvilleThe Judicial Center was built in 1980 to accommodate the County’s booming suburban population. The Judicial Center is an expansive modern building with 9 floors with a single main entrance on Maryland Ave. The first 5 levels of the Judicial Center are home to various administrative branches of the court including Clerk of the Court, Court Administration, Register of Wills, Land Records, State’s Attorney, Sheriff, and Family Services. The actual courtrooms and judges’ chambers are located on the top 4 levels.

Even with all this space the Judicial Center building bursting at the seams by the early 2000s due to a steady increase in the volume of civil filings. This need for increased capacity eventually led to the Montgomery County Circuit Court Annex Project. In April 2014 the Annex (called the South Tower) officially opened and became part of the Judicial Center building. The new South Tower features 10 modern courtrooms, 8 hearing rooms, and additional space that includes a Kids Spot Child Waiting Area.

History of the Circuit Court in Rockville

Circuit CourtRockville has been the County Seat of Montgomery County since its formation and the very first County courthouse opened its doors in 1785 on the land that historic Red Brick Courthouse now stands on. A new building, known as the “Second Courthouse in Rockville” was completed in 1840 and located across the street from the Red Brick Courthouse, near the site of the current Executive Office Building.

By the end of the 1800s Montgomery County was still a small, rural community with a population of only 30,000 but it was starting to grow as Washington DC began to spill over.

In 1891 a new brick courthouse building (the “Red Brick Courthouse”) was constructed on the site of the original courthouse. The Red Brick Courthouse served as the primary county courthouse for almost 100 years, during which time it was continuously altered, expanded, and adapted to fit contemporary needs.

When the new Rockville Judicial Center building was opened in 1982 the Red Brick Courthouse was officially closed. In the 1990s, however, the building was restored to its original appearance and rededicated to its original use as a Circuit Court.

Parking and Navigation

The Circuit Court for Montgomery County is one of the more easily accessible courthouses in Maryland. The Judicial Center building is located in the heart of Rockville. The Courthouse itself is a short walk from the Rockville Metro Station. If you drive to the Judicial Center there is ample public parking within the surrounding blocks.

If you prefer to just park in a garage there are also plenty of options. Below is a summary of the best parking garages:

11 N. Washington Public Garage
11 N. Washington St
Rockville, MD 20850
Just north of the Judicial Center near
the M&T Bank building.
Washington Public Garage
Rockville Parking Garage
77 S. Washington St
Rockville, MD 20850
Directly across the street to the west of
the Judicial Center
Rockville Parking Garage
Colonial Parking
141 E. Middle Lane
Rockville, MD 20850
Probably the closest garage to the front
entrance of the Judicial Center building.
Colonial Parking
Colonial Parking 51 Monroe St
51 Monroe Street
Rockville, MD 20850
This garage is more than a block away
from the Judicial Center but it is the most
“user-friendly” and accessible
Colonial Parking

Jury Duty Information

As recently as the 1990s, jury trials were still a relatively rare event at the Judicial Center building in Rockville. Since then, however, the volume of civil case filings i
n Montgomery County has skyrocketed and today jury trials are not uncommon. This means that if you happen to live in Montgomery County your chances of getting summoned for jury duty are steadily increasing.

Your jury duty summons will have detailed information on when and where to report for jury duty. For additional information about compliance with a jury duty summons visit the Montgomery County Circuit Court Juror Web Portal.

Jurors can park in a special Juror Parking Lot located at the corner of E. Jefferson St. and Monroe St. The lot is unmarked and does not have a street address but you can watch this video for help in locating the Juror Lot. From the Juror Parking Lot, the best way to get into the Montgomery Courthouse building is through the Jefferson Street entrance.

Montgomery County Judges & Magistrates

The Circuit Court for Montgomery County has 24 sitting judges; 5 magistrates that handle family law matters, and a panel of 20 senior judges that are periodically called upon to handle conferences and preside over trials when necessary. Below is the roster of Montgomery County’s sitting Circuit Court judges and contact information for their chambers.

Judge’s Name Staff Contact Phone Tower Floor Court
Judge Robert A. Greenberg
Administrative Judge
Lorena Kushida 240-777-9392 North 3rd 3E
Judge Anne K. Albright
Associate Judge
Monica Aguilar 240-777-9261 North 8th 8B
Judge Gary E. Bair
Associate Judge
Jennifer Han 240-777-9314 South 5th 5G
Judge James A. Bonifant
Associate Judge
Kara Hawkins 240-777-9366 North 9th 9C
Judge David A. Boynton,
Associate Judge
Lisa Hyatt 240-777-9240 North 6th 6A
Judge Sharon V. Burrell,
Associate Judge
Terrence Chaney 240-777-9296 South 3rd 3F
Judge Cynthia Callahan,
Associate Judge
Lourdes Mairena Mora 240-777-9254 South 5th 5H
Judge Jeannie E. Cho,
Associate Judge
Gaby Alvarez 240-773-4060 North 7th 7D
Judge Jill R. Cummins,
Associate Judge
Sonya Young 240-773-4005 North 7th 7A
Judge Debra L. Dwyer,
Associate Judge
LuAnn Rosenthal 240-777-9197 North 8th 8D
Judge Christopher C. Fogleman
Associate Judge
Sandy Green 240-777-9268 South 4th 4I
Judge Kevin G. Hessler,
Associate Judge
Brooke Marshall 240-777-9304 North 9th 9B
Judge Richard E. Jordan,
Associate Judge
Crystal Marshall 240-777-9205 South 5th 5I
Judge David W. Lease,
Associate Judge
Jennifer Littlejohn 240-773-4072 North 6th 6D
Judge John M. Maloney,
Associate Judge
Diana Maizel 240-777-9360 North 9th 9A
Judge Cheryl A. McCally,
Associate Judge
Lidia Laboy 240-777-9181 North 6th 6B
Judge Ronald B. Rubin,
Associate Judge
Charo Campbell 240-777-9226 North 7th 7B
Judge Nelson W. Rupp Jr.,
Associate Judge
Claudia Ventura 240-777-9282 South 4th 4G
Judge Joan E. Ryon,
Associate Judge
Melanie Justice 240-777-9219 South 5th 5F
Judge Steven G. Salant,
Associate Judge
Cindy Smith 240-777-9275 South 3rd 3G
Judge Margaret M. Schweitzer,
Associate Judge
Patti Hamilton 240-777-9289 North 7th 7C
Judge Karla N. Smith,
Associate Judge
Simone Morrison 240-773-4066 South 4th 4H
Judge Harry C. Storm,
Associate Judge
Diana Olsen 240-777-9372 North 8th 8A
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