Boat Accidents

Boat Accidents

Each year there are over thirteen million boats on American waterways. Here in Maryland, we are blessed to have an abundance of water, particularly in Anne Arundel County and our Eastern Shore. Of course, this blessing comes with an unfortunate by-product: our fair share of boating accidents. There are typically between 150 and 250 boating accidents per year in Maryland that cause between 10 and 20 deaths annually.

Given the abundance of water in Maryland, these numbers actually speak well of Maryland boaters. The CDC reports that last year there were 3,489 boating accident injuries, resulting in 710 deaths. (Eighty percent of these deaths are male.) So, comparatively speaking, Maryland has less boating accidents than you might expect. The relatively low number of of accidents in Maryland may be a consequence of Maryland’s implementation of a mandatory education program for boaters. We aere doing some good things for boating safety.

Still, 10 to 20 deaths a year is too many. Most boating accidents occur because too many boaters are casual about underestimating the dangers that are associated with boating, and many boaters who cause accidents do not have a valid boating license.

Another needless contributor to the number of boating accident deaths in Maryland is alcohol. According to the Coast Guard, alcohol consumption by boat operators contributes to 20 percent of all boating accidents. For example, during the July 4th weekend alone last year, the Maryland Natural Resources Police investigated 17 boating accidents and arrested nine boaters for operating a vessel while impaired or under the influence of alcohol.

Our lawyers handle cases involving two primary types of boat accidents: (1) recreational boating, and (2) injuries on cruise ships, naval vessels, or with maritime workers. If you have been injured in a boating accident in Maryland, we may be able to assist you in making a claim for your injuries. Call today to speak to one of our lawyers at 800-553-8082 or get for a free no obigation consultation on your boat accident claim.

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