Value of Car Accident Claims by Type of Injury

The single biggest variable in assessing the value of 95% of personal injury car accident cases is the type of injury the victim suffered and the extent and severity of that injury.  We publish a lot of verdicts and settlements based on jurisdiction and type of accident.  But in terms of predictability, the type of injury is the most useful metric.  

Below is a list of types of injuries with information about average settlement value of that injury, the issues at play in determining the value of these claims, and sample verdicts and settlements in Maryland and around the country.

One of the most difficult tasks for even the most experienced personal injury lawyer is putting a settlement value on a case. This is a critically important exercise because, at the end of the day, we have to advise our clients as to whether they should settle their case or proceed further with litigation or trial. Certainly, our clients make their own decision.  

There is no magical formula or calculation to compute the settlement value of your claim. The reality is that the best way to value your claim is to get a few experienced injury lawyers to discuss the case. We do this every day at Miller & Zois.

But many people do not have access to attorneys or their case is at a stage where it cannot yet be valued. But they want some idea of what their claim might be worth. This article might be of help to you in better understanding how judges, juries, insurance adjusters and lawyers value these claims.

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