SavaSeniorCare Nursing Home Lawsuits

Our firm handles serious injury and wrongful death lawsuits against SavaSenio Care in the State of Maryland. This page looks at the company and the medical negligence cases against it.Background

Sava Senior Care (or "SavaSeniorCare") is one of the largest providers of nursing home services in the country. Headquartered in Atlanta, they provide services in nursing homes throughout 23 states in over 500 locations. Sava Senior Care employees over 20,000 employees. In Maryland, it has 10 different nursing homes spread in various cities, including Silver Spring, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Bel Air, Laurel, Bethesda, and Baltimore.  There is a rumor that SavaSeniorCare will soon be buying the Mid-Atlantic chain of nursing homes in Maryland.  But it is just a rumor. 

Sava Lawsuits

Sava Senior Care is one of the largest providers of health care services for short term and long term care. Recently, in June 2016, a lawsuit was filed against Crestmont Nursing Care Center and Fenton Healthcare in Michigan, alleging possible abuse or neglect of 10 patients. Crestmont is owned by Sava Senior Care, whose representative stated that they are trying to resolve the matter before being served with the complaint. In 2014, a Sava Senior Care owned center in Silver Spring was named as a defendant in a wrongful death case after an alleged medication error led to a bad fall.

SavsSeniorCare also has problems with the federal government which has joined three lawsuits alleging that Sava pressured its nursing homes to meet unreasonable goals for profit. As a result, the nursing homes provided medically unreasonable, unnecessary and unskilled services to Medicare beneficiaries. SavaSeniorCare is also accused of keeping patients longer than necessary. The reason, of course, is that more residents pay more money. Invariably, poor care leads to negligence that leads to nursing home injuries and deaths, particularly from neglected bed sores.

Besides the federal government lawsuits, SavaSeniorCare has also faced wage and employment lawsuits.  (Our lawyers are not handling these employment cases; these employment lawyers are.)  Why are these employment cases relevant?  It all comes back to the knock on Sava which is the company cuts corners.  

Settlements and Verdicts Involving Sava Senior Care

Below are some sample verdicts and settlements from cases that have been brought against SavaSeniorCare. It is difficult to find cases that went to trial. Why?  This large company often likes to settle the case prior to trial, as often a verdict will lead to news reports that their mistakes have cost their residences their lives. Further, many of the settlements are confidential.  So if you are victim, you should be encourage not discouraged by Sava's failure to take cases to verdict.  Because SavaSeniorCare lawsuits have a great possibility in ended in a settlement long before trial.   However, a few examples are listed below of cases we could find:

  • 2013, Colorado: $375,000 Verdict.  Nursing home fall case that led to a 87-year-old woman's death.  The family's nursing home lawyers filed a lawsuit against SavaSeniorCare alleging that inadequate staffing was the reason for the fall. 
  • 2011, Michigan: $2,350,000 Verdict. After suffering a stroke, a 56-year old resident was diagnosed with a swallowing disorder involving a motor deficit and dementia with impulsivity (that caused him to attempt to swallow too much food). As he was eating meatballs intended for another resident, one became stuck in his windpipe, while only one nurses' aide was present. The nurse and one other nurse attempted to help the patient. But were unsuccessful. Paramedics arrived and dislodged the food. Since he had suffocated for over 15 minutes, he suffered brain death due to lack of oxygen and died after removal of the mechanical ventilation. He files a claim, arguing that if appropriate supervision was provided, his death would not have occurred, and a jury agrees and awards his estate $2,350,000.
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