Mid-Atlantic Health Care Nursing Home Lawsuits

Our firm handles wrongful death and serious injury cases in Maryland against Mid-Atlantic. This page provides an overview of Mid-Atlantic and some information about cases against it.


Mid-Atlantic Health Care is a nursing home chain that is multiplying. There are currently 22 Mid-Atlantic facilities, with 4,000 beds, throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. In Maryland, they have twelve centers in Cumberland, Berlin, Randallstown, Crownsville, Catonsville, Hagerstown, Frederick, White Plains, Mitchellville, and Oakland. The care at Mid-Atlantic centers includes rehabilitation services, skilled nursing services, long-term care, and hospice care.

Mid-Atlantic was founded in 2003 by Dr. Scott Rifkin and Howard Friner with its first facility on the Eastern Shore. That same year it became one of the first companies to have CMS Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Model program. The goal of this program is to provide coordinated care at the lowest cost to Medicare by bundling payments for post-acute providers.

This nursing home chain is growing fast. In 2015, Mid-Atlantic purchased four more nursing homes: Northampton Manor, Julia Manor, Devlin Manor and Moran Manor. With the exception of Julia Manor, these were distressed nursing homes that were probably purchased for a song.  Mid-Atlantic recent received a $64 million term loan and a $7 million line of credit which means they may be gearing up to buy more nursing homes.

Mid-Atlantic Health Care has big plans to convert a vacant downtown Baltimore building into a skilled nursing facility with 80 beds (Restore Health Baltimore). This is going to be next to the University of Maryland Medical Center and is scheduled to open in 2017. This facility is placed in a location that will hopefully help keep Baltimore City residents from having to travel outside of the city to receive rehabilitation services.

The CEO of Mid-Atlantic Health Care, Dr. Scott Rifkin is earning praise. In 2016, he won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the growth category, which recognizes entrepreneurs demonstrating excellence in innovation, financial performance, and personal commitment to the communities and their businesses.

Our nursing home lawyers worry a little about "Entrepreneur of the Year" type stuff. These large chains lean towards putting profits over people. Mid-Atlantic has some good nursing homes - Allegany Health Nursing and Rehabilitation and Restore Health come to mind - but it also has some 1-star facilities with inspection reports that are downright depressing. Moreover, look at the individual nursing homes listed below and look at how Medicare ranks staffing of these facilities. Mid-Atlantic is definitely not overspending on staff to take care of its residents.

Mid-Atlantic Lawsuits

When you have substandard nursing homes, you are going to see nursing home lawyers bringing lawsuits against those facilities. Below are some cases that have been filed against Mid-Atlantic Health Care in Maryland. We believe most, or all of these, are nursing home negligence claims although there were not a lot of details available.

  • 2017 Harcum v Mid-Atlantic Healthcare - Pennsylvania wrongful death case involving bed sores, a UTI, and sepsis
  • 2016, Kuliszewski v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care, LLC
  • 2016, Lanini v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care - medical malpractice
  • 2016, Squerrini v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care - medical malpractice
  • 2014, Rachford v. Forest Haven Nursing - medical malpractice
  • 2012, Smack v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care - medical malpractice
  • 2011, Hearne v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care - medical malpractice
  • 2009, Johnson v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care - injunction, civil
  • 2008, Leahy v. Berlin Nursing - medical malpractice
  • 2008, Mason v. Berlin Nursing - medical malpractice
  • 2006, Braun v. Forest Haven Nursing - tort, civil
  • 2001, Brooks v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care - tort, civil
  • 2000, Thomas v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care - appeal, civil
  • 1992, Mauro v. Mid-Atlantic Health Care - medical malpractice

We did not include any claims against the four new nursing homes Mid-Atlantic purchased. Let's give them a year and see if they can turn those facilities around.

Mid-Atlantic Health Care Nursing Facilities

Below is a list of the Mid-Atlantic nursing home and rehabilitation facilities in Maryland:

If you click on these links, you can learn more about what Medicare thinks (and what we think) of these nursing homes.

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