GEICO Insurance Claims and Settlements (2019 Update)

Our law firm deals with GEICO in car accident injuries and wrongful death cases in Maryland - virtually every single day. The purpose of this page is to give you information that you can use when dealing with this car insurance company. Whether you are a lawyer or a victim; this page is designed to help you get as much money as you possibly can for your GEICO claim.

Who They Aregeicoclaims

GEICO is the third-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States; providing auto insurance coverage for more than 7 million policyholders and insuring more than 12 million cars. GEICO has been a member of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway group of companies for almost 20 years. This insurance company now has more market share in Maryland than any other auto insurance carrier, narrowly edging out Allstate and State Farm.

The Path to Settling Cases with GEICO

Ten years ago, GEICO was very easy to deal with in settling claims in Maryland. Our accident lawyers rarely filed suit in GEICO cases. 

Times have changed. GEICO now undervalues virtually every single claim. Our law firm files lawsuits against GEICO insureds in most serious injury traffic collision cases. We would sue them even more often, but we have some clients that have personal reasons to choose the settlement offer. Some clients simply do not want to go down the litigation route.  

GEICO has some of the nicest and most reasonable claim adjusters too. The claim adjusters are particularly easy to work with in terms of their disposition and willingness to promptly return calls. GEICO is not some evil empire. Really, we only disagree with GEICO on one issue: the value of personal injury cases in the Baltimore/Washington area

The value of one's personal injury case is what car accident claims are all about in the final analysis.  The civil justice system is about giving money to compensate victims for the harm that is done to them. Our job is to fight for our clients to get as much money in their pocket as humanly possible.  More often than not, if the client's goal is to get every last penny they are entitled to get, then a lawsuit is the most sensible option. 

Filing Lawsuit Against GEICO or Its Insured Often Increases Offers Dramatically

Our lawyers have won literally millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts against GEICO. If you need someone on your side who knows how to fight this insurance company and win, call 800-553-8082 or get a free online consultation.

GEICO handles a few car insurance claims in Maryland out of Washington, D.C., but the majority of claims involving Maryland accidents are handled in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Again, most of the adjusters are decent people, but they have clear instructions from above to make low ball offers, until after a lawsuit is filed. Sometimes you can reason with these claims adjusters. They will listen to factual and legal arguments and sometimes adjust their settlement offers accordingly. But, ultimately, 90% of the time you need to file a lawsuit to get a fair offer.

 Defense Lawyers and Their Experts

If you do file a lawsuit, most of the claims will be handled by Besok & Mullen or John Dahut & Associates. These firms have "law firm names" but are in-house counsel and are direct employees of the insurance company. On balance, these lawyers are far more reasonable than the adjusters when it comes to placing a fair settlement value on accident claims. 

GEICO refers out some cases when they are concerned that there is a real chance the verdict could exceed the defendant's insurance policy limits. The Law Offices of Frank Daily - a good group of lawyers - is one of the firms that this insurer heavily relies upon in these types of cases in Baltimore. It often uses Mulhern & Patterson in cases in Maryland/D.C. suburbs.

This insurance company has a number of "usual suspect" experts to defend their positions that the Plaintiff is either not hurt or not hurt as bad as the Plaintiff suggests. If it is an orthopedics case, as many car crash injuries are, the insurer frequently refers to 

  • Dr. Joel Falik
  • Dr. Louis S. Halikman
  • Dr. J. Richard Wells, Jr. 
  • Dr. Eddie Cohen
  • Dr. Gary London (neurologist)
  • Dr. Clifford Hinkes 
  • Charles Citrin (neuroradiologist) 
GEICO regularly - REGULARLY! - names these same witnesses in a stunning around of motor vehicle accident cases in the Maryland and the District of Columbia.  What is incredible is GEICO lawyers often name these experts long before the doctors has ever heard the patient's name or seen a single medical record.  What does this means?   It seems they are pretty confident that these experts will say what they want them to say.  

Contacting GEICO for an Injury Claim

To contact this insurer in a Maryland case, you can reach them at:

GEICO Direct
P.O Box 9505
Fredericksburg, VA 22403

The best number is 1-800-841-1003.

Keep in mind the risks associated with talking to the insurance company without counsel.

Hiring a Lawyer to Fight GEICO

If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle collision in Maryland and you have a question about your case, call us at 800-553-8082 or get a free claim evaluation. (For claims outside of Maryland, go here.)

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