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Last week, I argued an appeal in a truck accident case. I was in the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, which is our state’s intermediate appellate court. My case was fourth in line on the day’s docket. That meant I got to (was forced to) sit through the argument on the cases ahead of mine.

The other arguments ran the gamut from abominable to excellent and featured a range of attorneys from young lawyers to experienced appellate advocates.

One thing I saw some of these other lawyers do was to address the questioning judges by name. For example, “Great question, Judge Hollander.” Actually, my example violates two rules of appellate argument. Never tell a judge they asked a great question. Presumably, they also thought it was a good question, or they would have remained silent.

Our firm obtained a verdict of $1,063,807.37 for our client this week.  Great win for a wonderful 22-year-old mother of a one-year-old at the time of the accident.

Facts of This Truck Accident Case

This was a hotly contested liability case. Our client contended she was injured when the Defendant, driving a full gasoline tanker, ran a red light. The defendant claimed he had a green light, and that our client must have had the red light. The accident happened at the intersection of Pennington Avenue and Church Street in Baltimore City. Our client’s car was totaled, and the gas tanker was damaged, which caused a gasoline spill. Our client had her one-year-old son in the car when the crash happened and had to watch him scream for his mom in a stranger’s arms while our client was trapped in her car due to her badly broken leg.

truck accident lawyer Just because a lawyer says they handle “personal injury” and “accident” cases doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the knowledge and experience needed to handle injury cases arising from tractor-trailer or commercial vehicle accidents.

We see a lot of truck accident injury cases in Baltimore, probably because several major highways pass through the area.

These cases differ significantly from the average auto accident case. For starters, there are usually several parties involved other than the driver. There may be corporate entities that own the “tractor” portion of the rig and the “trailer” portion.