2012 State Farm Insurance: More Sample Verdicts and Settlements

This is a sampling of jury verdicts and settlements with State Farm in 2012 in cases our law firm has handled and case handled by other lawyers in Maryland and around the country. You can go to our list of State Farm case outcomes page to see more examples of case resolutions with State Farm and and learn how we complied this information to put it all in context.

2012 Settlements and Verdicts Against State Farm
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  • $1,525,442 Settlement in Virginia. Defendant drives down the road and sees a yard sale she wants to check out. She takes a left turn into a driveway to see the yard sale and runs into a man on a motorcycle. He lives for a few days, but dies a few days after the accident, leaving behind a wife and three children. State Farm was the uninsured motorist carrier for the decedent.
  • 45,000 Verdict in Maryland. A 43 year-old man is rear ended in Prince George's County (Washington suburb) and claims soft tissue neck and back injuries and the exacerbation of prior knee injury, cervical and lumbar injuries, as well as aggravation of a knee injury. The Defendant admits liability but at-fault Defendant and State Farm (the uninsured motorist carrier) contend that the neck and back injuries were mild and the knee injury has nothing to do with the car accident. Plaintiff asks the jury for $200,000 from the jury. He has only $5,200 in medical bills athough he claimed future medical bills for his knee.
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  • $235,000 Settlement in Maryland – Plaintiff, a 50 year old self-employed electrical contractor, is struck head on by a driver in a company vehicle in Montgomery County who fell asleep while driving. Plaintiff suffers a torn meniscus requiring surgery and head injury. Following knee surgery, Plaintiff develops a blood clot requiring an extended hospital stay. Defendant admits liability but disputes the seriousness of the blood clot and extent of lost wages. Plaintiff claims $22,000 in medicals and $30,000 in lost wages.
  • $52,388 Verdict in Maryland. This case sounds a lot like the last one. Plaintiff, an electrician, is rear ended while stopped at a red light in Anne Arundel County. Plaintiff sustains an acute SLAP lesion shoulder tear requiring surgery. Plaintiff admits to suffering a partial rotator cuff tear 10 years prior to the accident but maintains that he continued to work and enjoy normal life without surgery prior to the accident. State Farm's in-house lawyer admits liability for the accident but puts on the "you are not hurt as bad as you and your doctors say" argument. One thing that had to hurt the Plaintiff: he did not mention the shoulder injury in the ER. A jury awards Plaintiff $25,388 for medical bills; $16,000 for lost wages; and $11,000 in pain and suffering damages.
  • $55,365 Verdict in Maryland. Plaintiff, a 40 year old surgical nurse, is driving on a major thoroughfare when Defendant enters from a side street, resulting in a collision. Plaintiff suffers nerve impingement of the arm/shoulder requiring a surgical release. Plaintiff claims ongoing pain and surgical scarring, as well as difficulty performing her job due to the injury. Defendant maintains that the plaintiff’s damages are limited as the surgery was successful. Defendant further claims that snow had accumulated at the intersection of the side street and major thoroughfare, and claims he is entitled to an exception of the Boulevard Rule. Plaintiff asked the jury for $120,000. Defendant’s insurer is State Farm and the UIM carrier is GEICO.
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  • $70,389 Verdict in Maryland. Plaintiff, a 44 year old accountant, is rear-ended on an exit ramp. Plaintiff alleges cervical and lumbar injuries including a cervical annular tear requiring extensive treatment and epidural injections. Plaintiff settles with tortfeasor for $50,000 then pursues her UIM with State Farm. Defendant contends that Plaintiff’s injuries are not as serious as she claims, and that treatment following a subsequent accident that Plaintiff was involved in is not related to the subject accident. The jury awards the Plaintiff $41,903 in medicals and $5,986 in lost wages, and $22,500 in pain and suffering. The verdict is reduced by the prior settlement of $50,000.00.
  • $331,705 Settlement in California. Plaintiff, a 28 year old administrative clerk, is rear-ended and claims cervical strain, right shoulder sprain/impingement syndrome, and lumbar strain including a 6-mm L5-S1 disc with annular disruption and S1 compression. Defendant accepts liability but claims Plaintiff did not complaint about low back injuries for two weeks following the accident and the injuries must be pre-existing. Tortfeasor tenders $15,000 policy limits. Plaintiff demands remaining uninsured limits of $235,000 and $81,705 in medical payments. UIM carrier initially denies the entire medical claim, except for $500, but eventually tenders the demanded med payments. State Farm was on both sides of this case; it was the insurer for the driver that caused the wreck and was also the Plaintiff's underinsured motorist carrier.
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