State Farm Verdicts and Settlements Samples

Below are settlements and verdicts against State Farm that we have been tracking. We think verdict data helps lawyers and victims better understand the value of personal injury claims. But make sure you keep the information we give in context. 

Take these trial and settlement examples with a few grains of salt. We are not including every verdict we see involving State Farm. We are cherry picking out plaintiffs' verdicts that we believe to be of interest that might help you get a rough feel for the settlement and trial value of claims against State Farm and their insured and the calculation of pain and suffering damages.  You can find more verdicts against State Farm here.

Settlements and Verdicts Against State Farm
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  • $265,000 Maryland Settlement - State Farm insured rear-ended our client in Washington County. She suffered an exacerbation of a low back injury.  Her pain ran up her right leg.  She needed 5 epidural injections.  The case was filed in Prince George's County and settled in 2017 just weeks before trial when State Farm made an offer four times higher than their pre-trial offer. Miller & Zois handled this claim. 
  • $560,000 Maryland Settlement - Plaintiff suffered a lower back injury that, while causing her great pain, did not necessitate surgery.  State Farm made no settlement offer until ten days before trial.  This stall tactic would be surprising for almost any other insurance company. But it falls perfectly in line with what you can expect from State Farm.  Miller & Zois handled this claim that settled in the summer of 2015. 
  • $114,000 Illinois Verdict – Plaintiff, a 37-year old postal service employee, is driving down the road when a dump truck swerves across the center-line and strikes Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff files suit against the driver and owner of the dump truck, alleging negligence. Plaintiff claims aggravation of a pre-existing arthritic condition in her neck and receives three and a half months of physical therapy. The defense claims that Plaintiff was contributorily negligent. Plaintiff asks for $118,000 including $7,000 for lost wages and $30,000 in medical costs – but is awarded $14,000.
  • $100,000 New York Settlement – Plaintiff, a 53-year-old fast food employee, is rear-ended by a pickup truck and sustains an L4-5 herniation. Plaintiff undergoes a discectomy and attends approximately eight weeks of physical therapy. Plaintiff sues the driver and the owner of the pickup truck, alleging that she suffers from residual pain and limitations. She claims past and future pain and suffering as well as a wage loss for eight months. State Farm, the insurance company for both parties, tenders its policy limits of $100,000.
  • $40,000 New York Verdict – Plaintiff, a 49-year-old legal secretary, is driving down the road when her vehicle is sideswiped by a SUV. Plaintiff sustains a C3-4 herniation, a C5-6 disc protrusion, and bulges of her C3-4, C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7. Her expert opines that it may be a result of the accident. She undergoes approximately 21 months of conservative treatment including physical therapy and receives a total of 20 trigger point injections. Plaintiff files suit against the driver and owner of the SUV, claiming that she now suffers chronic pain syndrome and will need additional treatment. A jury found for the Plaintiff and awarded her $40,000 for past pain and suffering.
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