State Farm Insurance: Sample Verdicts Where State Farm Wins at Trial

Okay, we have put up a lot of information about State Farm verdicts and settlements, bragging a good bit about the fact that we have beaten this insurance company many more times than not. But, let's be fair, State Farm wins a lot of jury trials, too. There are also many cases where they should win because the plaintiff had a horrible or trumped up case. So this is a sampling of jury verdicts where State Farm wins big. If you need cheering up after you read these, go to our website here where we regale you with our victories and victories that other plaintiffs' law firms have achieved.

State Farm Verdicts
Yes, these are some losses against State Farm. Sometimes, the plaintiff should lose. And our law firm has lost trials, too. But not many. We have won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts against this insurance company. If you need a lawyer to fight State Farm in a serious injury case, call us at 800-553-8082 or get a free State Farm case evaluation online.
  • 2013: Plaintiff is involved in a he-said-she-said rear-end car accident. Plaintiff claims that she stopped at an intersection for an ambulance. She has a history of previous conditions which are aggravated by the accident. State Farm insured' defendants allege that there was no ambulance, that the plaintiff abruptly stopped for no reason, and is at-fault or contributorily negligent. At trial there are no independent witnesses and a Baltimore County jury - which can be tough jurors - believe the defendants, awarding no damages.
  • 2012: State Farm insured' defendant is driving his vehicle and attempting to make a left turn. He becomes partially blocked by a non-party vehicle and had to come to an abrupt stop, causing his car’s rear to be in the curb lane. Plaintiff is unable to stop in time and runs into the back of defendant’s car. The airbag deploys, but plaintiff is able to drive away from the scene. Defendant counters that there was 120 yards between the two vehicles—more than enough time for plaintiff to react. Defendant further claims that plaintiff’s overlapping chiropractic treatments are unreasonable. Plaintiff alleges lumbar injuries requiring physical therapy and claims permanent disability limiting her interaction with her baby. A Montgomery County jury sides with the defendant awarding no damages.
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  • 2012: Plaintiff slips and falls in a darkened area by the apartment complex where she lives. Plaintiff gets a severe cut on her knee requiring stiches. Plaintiff claims that the owner was intoxicated and turned off the lights in the area creating the dangerous situation. Defendants, insured by State Farm, claim that plaintiff should have been familiar with the area and that it was not completely dark at the time of the fall. Additionally, the owner denied being intoxicated and alleges that plaintiff overstated and over treated her injuries. A Baltimore County jury awards a defense verdict. (I think a judge would have probably directed a verdict in this case even if plaintiff had won at trial.)
  • 2012: Plaintiff is a passenger in a vehicle that is stopped at a red light. Defendant fails to control her vehicle and causes a rear-end collision. The plaintiff suffers bilateral thoracic outlet syndrome resulting in permanent spinal impairment, as well as emotional injuries. Plaintiff settles with the driver for maximum policy limits, and then sues State Farm for UIM benefits. State Farm generally denies plaintiff’s claim for UIM stating that her injuries were pre-existing. A Baltimore county jury finds for the defense.
  • 2012: A motorist is injured in a car accident, receiving a meniscus tear and cervical strain. She sues State Farm alleging breach of contract and emotional distress, claiming they wrongfully refused to pay her claim. The defendant denies liability and claims that plaintiff assumed the risk of injury when she operated a vehicle. A Prince George’s County jury awards a verdict in favor of the defense.
  • 2012: A plaintiff is struck in the middle of an intersection by an underinsured driver. GEICO, the insurer of the at-fault driver pays a $50,000 settlement. Plaintiff then sues State Farm attempting to collect a $25,000 UM/UIM policy. A defense verdict is awarded by a Baltimore County jury when they find that plaintiff failed to prove he received damages in the auto accident.
  • 2012: A minor plaintiff is crossing the street when he is struck by defendant driver. The young boy receives a gash to his head. Plaintiff contends that because he lived with a relative who had UM/UIM insurance he is covered under the policy. A Baltimore City jury disagrees and finds in favor of the defendant.
  • 2012: A plaintiff is struck by a hit-and-run driver and receives several injuries to his back, ankle, and shoulders. State Farm, the plaintiff's UM/UIM carrier, refuses to honor the claim, and plaintiff brings suit alleging breach of contract. State Farm denies liability and claims that the plaintiff assumed the risk of injury. A Prince George’s County jury awards a defense verdict.
  • 2011: A woman was exiting a bus when she is struck by a hit-and-run driver. While she is lying in the street, plaintiff is again struck by a second driver. In total, she suffers a fibula fracture, nose and thumb fractures, a concussion, and multiple abrasions. As well as suing the second driver, plaintiff seeks recovery from her UM/UIM carrier, State Farm. The insurance company denies liability and a Prince George’s County bench trial agrees with them, awarding a defense verdict. I have no idea why this case was decided by a judge. You almost always want to give a P.G. County jury a chance to make the call over a judge on that bench.
Hiring a Lawyer to Fight Back Against State Farm

Indeed, these are bad verdicts. There is no guarantee of success in these cases. But we have fought State Farm and beaten them many more times than not. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and the at-fault driver is insured by State Farm, or if you are filing an uninsured motorist claim against State Farm and you have a question about your claim, call us at 800-553-8082 or get a free State Farm claim evaluation.

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