How Much Is State Farm's First Settlement Offer

People are scouring the Internet trying to figure out the value of their auto accident personal injury claims. So if you go to the link in the last sentence, you can find a lot of statistics on settlements and verdicts for your particular type of injury or accident.

What to Expect for a First Settlement Offer from State Farm?

Our law firm has had a lot of success against State Farm. We have literally recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. We have posted some of these results online.

But that is when all is said and done. How much should you expect from State Farm's first offer? People largely have no idea what to expect from the insurance company as an initial offer. So we pulled some random first settlement offers along with the amount of the client's medical bills to give you some idea of what you might be able to expect. 

First OfferMedical Bills

* Indicates policy limits offer

**Dog bite case

What Have We Done Here?

What we have done is a quick search of our database for State Farm and found a number of liability cases against this insurer. These are all Miller & Zois cases. Why? Because we don't think there is any information available anywhere that shows first offers in personal injury cases. 

This data gives you some insight on how much money you might get if you are looking to settle your case quickly. The answer, usually, is not much. Getting 35 times this insurer's initial offer at trial is hardly a once in a lifetime event for a law firm that handles a large volume of State Farm claims.

Where are all of the cases where there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills? Well, thankfully, there are not too many of those. But the medical bills amount we used is the one that we submitted to State Farm. If there is a policy limits issue, there is no reason to collect every last medical bill.

What Have We Learned?

The lesson here is that if you are looking to get fair value in a personal injury case, you are going to have a hard time accomplishing that goal without suing State Farm first. The other lesson is that medical bills are not necessarily the driving force in the value of claims. You see claims with less than $10,000 in medical bills where State Farm offered the policy limits and another case with over $140,000 in bills where the offer was $11,000. So while there certainly is a positive correlation between the amount of the medical bills and the first settlement offer, it is not particularly strong. This is why the "2 or 3 times specials" rule is a pure urban legend.  The idea that the average State Farm accident settlement is meaningful to evaluating your claims is also a fallacy. Your case is going to be evaluated on its own merits.  

Putting these numbers together made us go back and look at the big picture of our office. How many of Miller & Zois's largest cases settled without filing suit? The results are stunning. Only 3 of the 39 largest payouts in our office came from settling a case before trial. The take-home message is clear: unless the insurance company - any insurance company - is offering policy limits, you are almost invariably better off putting larger cases into suit.

Is $100,000 the Most You Can Get in a Claim Against State Farm?

State Farm does write a lot of $100,000 policies. We see $250,000, $500,000, and $1 million policies with State Farm. But the garden variety policy in Maryland is $100,000, and sometimes, less. Hopefully, the victim has uninsured motorist coverage that exceeds that $100,000. The other way to get more than the $100,000 is for State Farm to refuse to pay that amount. If the jury awards more than the claim against their insured, State Farm has always paid full verdict, at least with our firm. (Why? The reasons for this policy are complicated, but it has to do with bad faith claims their own insured might have against them for the judgment awarded against her).

How Was This List Generated?

We pulled these cases largely at random. Still, let's be clear: there was no scientific methodology to the selection of these cases. We tried to take out wrongful death cases and those claims where State Farm made no offer because neither would be particularly instructive.

Also, keep in mind that we have not included tons of relevant information. Lost wages, extent and scope of the injury, the jurisdiction,... we left out all of these unbelievably essential factors. The goal was for victims to have a flavor of what kind of offer they could expect, not to be able to break down predicting first offers to a science. What we did want to do was give you a flavor for the type of payouts you will get from the first offer. 

Together with other statistics and information, you might be able to begin to understand the range in which your case might settle. But to tighten that range, you are going to need to talk to a lawyer with experience handling car accident injury claims, preferably one with a great deal of experience dealing with State Farm.

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Hiring a Lawyer to Fight State Farm

We have fought against State Farm hundreds of times and have gotten our clients some great settlements and verdicts. We pride ourselves on getting the best possible payouts for our clients.  But every case is a battle. You need someone who knows how to handle these cases on your side. Call Miller & Zois at 800-553-8082 or get a free claim evaluation

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