State Farm Insurance: Sample Verdicts and Settlements


statefarmThis is a sampling of jury verdicts and settlements with State Farm around the country. These verdicts might give you a better lens to the value of your own case.

How did we generate this list? We generated this list from a variety of sources, including our law firm's own settlements and verdicts with State Farm in Maryland. There is not any scientific methodology to the case selected and these do not  not necessarily reflect the trial or settlement value of your claim against a State Farm insured. We have turned a blind eye to some defense verdicts and other verdicts that we did not find particularly compelling. More importantly, there are clearly too many different variables at play when looking at what State Farm with payout in a traffic collision injury case to squeeze in a brief post-resolution synopsis. That said, we think this information will be of assistance to you giving you a better idea of the range of money you can expect to get in a settlement or a lawsuit this this insurance company.

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2013 Settlements and Verdicts Against State Farm

2012 Settlements and Verdicts Against State Farm

  • Maryland $220,000 Settlement. Plaintiff is driving down Route 95 in Howard County. She notices a car lost control a half mile ahead. Plaintiff pulls completely off the road on the left side to render assistance. She gets out of the car and is hit by another driver. Plaintiff has a concussion and requires a metal disc and pin in her arm. State Farm was the at-fault driver's insurer; Plaintiff had additional underinsured motorist insurance with USAA. Our law firm handled this accident claim.
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  • Settlement in Maryland for $170,000. Plaintiff is traveling on Route 97 in Carroll County when he approaches a non-functional traffic light. Defendant does realize the light was not working and drives through it. Defendant contends that Plaintiff is contributorily negligent for failing to proceed with care through broken traffic light. Plaintiff suffers a broken femur and severely bruised feet, among other injuries.  State Farm, the driver's insurance company tenders their policy limits. The rest is recovered from the uninsured motorist carrier (Cincinnati Insurance). Our law firm handled this claim.
  • Verdict in Maryland for $194,568. A husband and wife are rear-ended by a company truck while stopped for traffic on I 495. The case was contested on liability and damages.  Defendants contended that the Plaintiff Driver stopped short on the roadway, causing the collision.  Husband suffers a cervical disc injury requiring an surgery. Montgomery County Jury awards husband $89,483.87 for past medical expenses; $10,080 for past lost wages; and $75,000 for non-economic damages. Jury awards wife $20,000 for non-economic damages. Our law firm handled this case.

  • Maryland: Jury Verdict in Maryland for $106,226. A Howard County, Maryland jury awarded $106,226 in a left turn case to a woman who suffered a herniated disc in her neck. She sustained the disc injury in the underlying accident. Plaintiff's case was weakened somewhat by the fact that her social security disability claim was for both this accident and another unrelated injury. Allstate represented the driver; State Farm had the underinsured motorist claim. The verdict was reduced to $100,000 pursuant to high low agreement.
  • Verdict in Illinois for $22,366: A 58-year-old plaintiff is involved in a four car chain reaction, rear-end collision. Four solid weeks after the accident - a treatment gap if there ever was one - plaintiff gets treatment. He is diagnosed as having a possible disc injury. Plaintiff has three months of physical therapy, and three months of facet injections. Plaintiff sought $43,308 in medical bills and $60,000 in pain and suffering damages. The defense's expert orthopedic surgeon probably carried the day when he testified that there was no evidence that plaintiff was injured or that it was related to the car wreck.statefarmwitnesses
  • $300,000 Settlement in Pennsylvania. A 47 year-old woman is rear-ended at a red light, forcing her into the driver in front of her. She suffers C5-C6, C6-C7, L5-S1 herniated discs. She receives facet, cortisone, and epidural injections. Plaintiff also has shoulder impingement syndrome that is resolved surgically. Plaintiff claimed $800,000 in past and future lost wages.
  • $651,000 Verdict in California. Plaintiff is a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended in Los Angeles. Plaintiff suffers a subluxation to her rib. State Farm offered $29,000 to settle the case before trial.
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