Herniated Disc Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Our lawyers have handled literally hundreds of herniated disc injury cases. If you are coming here looking for information on the value of herniated disc cases in Maryland, we have a good deal of information for you.

The average jury verdict in a disc injury case nationally over the last three years is around $360,000. The median jury verdict is closer to $80,000. What does this tell us? Well, there are a lot of very serious disc injury cases out there that really kick up the averages in these cases.

Below is a list of verdicts and settlements in herniated disc in Maryland. Many of these are Miller & Zois cases that we handled. Others are pulled from jury reports or are verdicts of friends and colleagues.

The theory is that you can match up your case with these to figure out where the range of values for your claim. But keep in mind that it is really hard for anyone to ascertain the value of individual cases without reading and understanding all of the nuances that are contained in your medical records and learning all of the details about your individual case.

More Information on Value of Herniated Dis CasesHerniated DiscDisc Injury Verdicts and Settlements in Maryland
  • 2014, Maryland: $315,000 Settlement. Our client was in a limousine going back to BWI Airport when the driver swerved to avoid debris and crashed the car. Plaintiff was taken to Harbor Hospital’s emergency room. He suffered nerve damage in his neck at C-8 and had aggrevation of a preexisting bulging disc in his back. He also suffered ankle and shoulder injuries. Defendant sought to settle the case pretrial at mediation and offered $25,000. We filed suit. The case settled before trial at a second mediation for $315,000. Miller & Zois handled this case.

  • 2014, Maryland: $64,040 Verdict. A 24 year-old woman was riding in her friends vehicle on Pulaski Highway in Cecil County when the Defendant pulled out from a side street and struck her side of the car. She was diagnosed with a lumbar disc herniation and assigned 20% impairment by her treating doctor. She had physical therapy and pain management, as well as three epidural injections. She settled with the tortfeasor for liability policy limits of $50,000 and then sued State Farm for underinsured motorist benefits for past and future medical expenses. State Farm disputed the extent of Plaintiff's claims for future medicals. A Cecil County jury awarded her $64,040. The amount was subject to a $50,000 setoff of the prior tortfeasor settlement consistent with Maryland uninsured motorist law.

  • 2014, Maryland: $290,000 Settlement. Our client, a very sweet 40-year-old woman suffers a lumbar disc injury after a rear-end collision. Her MRI showed limited injury but her pain was hardly limited. GEICO offer $70,000 so we filed suit. The case settled for $290,000 just before trial. Miller & Zois handled this case.

  • 2013, Maryland: $216,859.00 Verdict. Defendant driver knocks our client’s small car into the center jersey wall. She suffers a variety of injuries, including two disc herniations in her back. An MRI also shows degenerative disc disease. She undergoes physical therapy and injections. She has $26,597 in medical bills. State Farm fights hard on the degenerated disc disease finding on the MRI, arguing at trial that her problems were preexisting. The jury did not buy it. You can read more about this Miller & Zois case here.

  • 2013, Maryland: $20,599 Verdict. A young woman stops her car at an intersection and is rear-ended by the defendant. She suffers a painful neck injury, which requires prescription medical treatment. Defendant admits liability but disputes the causation of the plaintiff's injuries, claiming the neck injury occurred from a pre-existing condition. A Queen Anne's County jury gave the young woman a $20,599 award.

  • 2013, Maryland: $11,900 Verdict. A man suffers a cervical disc herniation when he is rear-ended at a red traffic light. He is unable to work for over eight months, and future surgery remains a possibility. Plaintiff seeks pain and suffering damages, as well as lost wages. A Howard County court awards him $11,900.

  • 2013, Maryland: $65,000 Verdict. A man is struck at an intersection while driving on a rural road in Calvert County. The accident causes a cervical herniated disc and a rotator cuff tear. He is recommended future surgery to correct both injuries. Defendant denies liability and states he saw no other vehicles. The Calvert County jury awards $65,000 for past and future medical treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

  • 2013, Maryland: $100,000 Verdict. A plaintiff receives significant and permanent injuries when she is rear ended in heavy traffic. Defendant alleges that the victim's injuries did not require the treatment and that she should have recovered quickly. A U.S. District Court jury disagrees and the plaintiff receives a $100,000 verdict.

  • 2012, Maryland: $89,483.87 Verdict. Our client is rear-ended by a commercial vehicle on the Washington Beltway, suffering a cervical disc injury that led to a cervical discectomy and fusion surgery at C3-4, C4-5, and C5-6. Miller & Zois handled this case.

  • 2012, Maryland: $61,615 Verdict. Plaintiff with previous back problems is hit in the rear. He claims aggravation of a preexisting injury that requires pain management and a potential future fusion. Learn more about this case.

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